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This is a photo of the two of us. We wish we had a massive buget so we could do more travelling but then there wouldn't be many other people who think any differently to us. Never enough money ... mumble ... mumble...

Ian has now retired so time is not an issue to him but I still work in my own business so time is now critical for me. If I don't work then I don't get paid. January is the quietist time in my industry so that would work well for us to have our holidays then but sadly most of the places we want to go are in the northern hemisphere and January is very cold in a lot of those places. If anyone knows of some good spots to go to in January then please do tell us.

We started off intially with the intention of going on holidays that involved trains and then we realized there were so many places we want to see where trains don't exist, for example the Himalayas and Norfolk Island. So now we are interested in going anywhere. The holiday doesn't have to be train related.

We actually did a coach tour of Tasmania but, as much as we enjoyed the holiday, there wasn't any adventure in it at all. For us, the adventure is the part that ends up being the most memorable. We come pretty close to getting ourselves into unenviable positions sometimes but we have a good laugh about it and keep going. The time we were boarding the train out of Vladivostok comes to mind here as does the time "Michael Jackson" took nine and a half hours to drive us 200 kilometres in Nepal.

Norfolk Island is the last place we have been to. This was a relaxing holiday which we both needed but I think we now need another more adventurous holiday. We don't mind staying with Couch Surfing folk so perhaps we might try that again but where to go is the the question. Anyone know of any good places to go in January? New Zealand could be a viable option....... let's think about that......


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