Our journey to Cambodia begins


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The big day has arrived. We have packed our bags and are pretty much ready. For some reason I'm un-able to locate my spare glasses. I can't possibly go on a holiday without spare specs. but where the heck are they?

After checking all sensible places I have to give up. I did have a clean out of drawers a few weeks back and I did give away some old glasses but I thought I'd only donated the very old ones. Obviously not. I'm now going to have to be really careful with my one pair of goggles.

Mid-afternoon on Saturday 18th March we set off by car for the airport. We'll be massively early but that is fine by us. We make it into one of the long term parking areas in 1 hour and 50 minutes so it was a good run.


Organizing and paying for our parking in advance

Ian had the parking situation sussed out well before we left home. He had paid for it online and printed out the receipt they give you with a Q-code on it. When we drove into the car park he simply had to press the Q-code up against the machine and after a couple of moments a ticket was produced and the boom gates opened. We easily found a parking bay and left our suitcases in the boot of the car. From there we hopped on one of the free airport Connect busses and headed to the terminal. Both of us were shocked at how cool the weather had become. We hadn't brought jumpers with us - after all, who needs a jumper in Cambodia or Vietnam?


We head into Perth City to kill time

Ian already knew we needed a #380 bus to take us into the city and we found it very easily at the front of the terminal. We had an entertaining ride into the city. Most of the people who hopped on the bus with us were foreigners who had little idea of how to pay for their tickets and an equal lack of knowledge on where to get off the bus. The driver was Middle Eastern and he was the perfect person for the job. In his strong accent he would call out, well in advance, to various people who needed to get off at specific stops. He would summon them down to the front of the bus and then, whilst he was driving, he would ask them questions about their final destination. By the time the bus pulled up to a halt each person alighting knew exactly which direction to walk in and roughly how long it would take for their walk. The driver was brilliant. He certainly went well beyond his commitments. He never became annoyed with their poor English skills. He was so patient and helpful,

The temperature in the city seemed even cooller than out at the airport. Why did we not bring jumpers with us? We needed exercise so a brisk walk would ideally warm us up, so off we went. I guess we walked for an hour, all the time avoiding roads that felt like wind tunnels.



We found a sheltered nook and stopped to ring our two children. Both of us felt hungry so we decided to find some dinner. We came across a Grill'd Burger restaurant. There was live music playing close by so we figured we could slowly eat a meal here and enjoy the ambience. Their hamburgers were very tasty indeed but sadly their sweet potato chips let them down. The first lot we ordered were incredibly burned. I don't know how the waitress had the nerve to put them on the table. As soon as she put them in front of us I commented that they would be inedible. She took them away and returned with some more that were marginally less burned but still awful. What a waste of $8.


Back to Perth airport we go

Then it was time to find our #380 bus and head back out to the airport terminal. We did everything in reverse and went from the terminal back to the car on the airport Connect bus, grabbed out suitcases from our car and went back to the terminal yet again.

From then on we tried to fill in time as best we could. We spent a while upstairs in the plane viewing area trying to spot different planes but really it was way too dark to see anything much of interest.

Finally it was time to board the Singapore Airlines plane ready for take-off at 1:10 a.m. on Sunday 19th March.



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