Our journey to board the Cruiseco Adventurer


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Leaving the hotel in Siem Reap


We were up and organized nice and early with our suit cases deposited as requested in the hotel lobby before breakfast. Ian had our registration paperwork organized. We spotted a registration desk set up near the front door of the hotel.

At the nominated time we joined the queue to be processed by the Cruiseco staff. Sadly not everyone was organized. The process took much longer than was necessary. Eventually we were all aboard two buses but there were still issues with some passengers' Vietnam visas not being in order. That took a while for staff to sort out.

The buses were most presentable and air conditioned. We drove for two hours and then stopped for a toilet and refreshment break. The shop/cafe we stopped at was not air conditioned but it didn't bother anyone too much as there was a nice breeze blowing through the place. At the back of the cafe was a wonderful verandah suspended above the edge of the river.



The view whilst taking refreshments on the journeyWe sat down and refreshed ourselves looking out over the water's edge


Most folk took advantage of being able to buy nibblies and drinks and then sit on the verandah for a few minutes relaxing.

We bought a couple of varieties of wafer biscuits which were yummy.

We all headed off on the next leg of the journey. We drove another two hours or so and stopped at a market place. It was MOST interesting and the bulk of us had never seen anything like the food items that were for sale at this market.

Greatest interest was in the huge trays of cooked insects. Some of the insects were enormous and they were piled high onto platters. Judging by the number of stalls selling much the same insects I'd say there was a roaring trade in this type of food. Available were fried cockroaches, tarantulas and grasshoppers, not to forget some very interesting fruits and vegetables.



Platters of fried insects for sale.Anyone for fried insects?


Lotus podsLotus pods - the seeds are edible


We pull off the road onto some spare land and find the Adventurer moored there

After the market stop we drove for approximately one hour more to reach a very unassuming river bank location. Lo and behold the boat was there, almost out of sight because it was so far below road level.

Boy this river level was low. We already knew ours would be the last boat to travel down river for the season. There simply would not be enough water in the river for navigation after our cruise.

Some of the passengers were worried about how they would climb down the path to board the boat. It was steep and some of them were apprehensive and were worrying about slipping over.




Here we are ready to baord the "Adventurer"The path down to the boat was rocky and very uneven but crew were at hand to help those who needed it


The bus journey was rather long but the two stops made it bearable. At last we were getting on the boat. Woo hoo!



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