Best Travel Forums


We spend a lot of time finding out information to plan our trips from the many travel forums available online. Additionally we try to help out others, where we can, by offering information on areas we are familiar with.

When you visit a travel forum it is good to have a look around at previous postings on there as your question may well have been asked (and answered) before. Before you can ask a question you have to log-in which is a very easy process.

Word of warning - they are totally addictive. They are incredible places to go to learn about every destination on the globe.


Check out some of these Travel Forums:


Trip Advisor forum - Everything imaginable to plan the perfect trip.

Travel Buddy forum - Meet travellers froom around the world and share experiences.

Travel Pod forum - This is where bloggers exchange travel tips.

Travellers Point forum - Discover travel issues and news.

Virtual Tourist forum - Worldwide travel and vacation advice.

Lonely Planet forum - Place where the Lonley Planet community get together.

Travel Blog forum - They sayhave fast replies to travellers questions.




Budget Accommodation
Find budget accommodation for your holiday plus reviews on hotels and hostels.

ReliableTravel Information
From those who have been there before you and can give you sound advice.

Travel Planning Necessities
World time zones, world weather, currency converter, language translator services.

Hotel reviews, things to see and things to do in every destination imaginable.

Search over 25,000 hostels.

Trip Advisor Forum - Russia
The place to find information about Russia when you can't find it elsewhere.

The Russia Club
A forum for all those interested in anything "Russian".

Russian Rail Timetable
It takes a bit of mastering but Ian managed it (eventually).

The Art Of Travel
Very interesting travel information for all locations.

Smart Traveller
Australian Government's site dealing with current travel advice.