Adventure Before Dementia Travelogue


In February 2009 Ian and I decided we needed to start travelling before we got too old and decrepit.

Jean and Ian Morrison Us two - Jean and Ian Morrison

After all, who knows what is laying around the corner for us to deal with regarding health issues. Ian has been a train enthusiast all his life so it seemed quite natural for us to want to go on some train tours of romantic far-away places. This idea worked well at the start but then we realized that many of the countries we wanted to go to didn't have a train service! So, wherever we can find trains then we'll be going on them and if there are no trains then we'll go by bus or 4WD or some other mode of transport.


Organized Tours are too dear for us

After a few enquiries we soon learned that going on organized tours was not going to be for us. For one thing they are extremely expensive and secondly we don't like being herded around with a mob of other people. Now we don't have a huge budget for travelling. We have two young adult children who will need help to buy their first homes at some stage in the not too distant future so we don't want to spend too much on ourselves when they will need helping out.


Finding budget ways to travel

The current state of the world economy would make any spendthrift think twice before lavishing big dollars on luxuries such as grand holidays so we won't be lashing out oodles of money. Our will be budget holidaying.

It is difficult to find detailed information on all the nitty gritty things that we need to know to organize our personalized train holidays so we're going searching for it. In order to help others, this web site will recount our personal stories so that other travellers can learn from our experiences.


For some it will be too much detail. For others it will be perfect. At the very least there will be plenty of photographs. We are right at the beginning of a long travelling journey so we will be able to let you know what worked well for us as well as how to avoid the pitfalls we encounter.

So far we have travelled on The Ghan, a train trip right through the centre of Australia in a vertical direction. The Ghan trip went ahead April 2009. We then tackled the Trans Siberian which was a wondrous adventure right across Russia from Vladivostok to St Petersburg. That happened in 2010.

Mandala made from coloured sand Mandala made from colourful sand in Lhasa, Tibet

Next up was a trip to the Himalayas, visiting Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet. This trip went ahead in October 2011 and then a coach tour (of all the things we thought we'd never do) of Tasmania.

Since then we've done a bit of cruising with Princess Line which we like very much. We spent a magical week on Norfolk Island and recently we've travelled along the Mekong River through Cambodia and Vietnam.

This web site tells our travel stories plus the many other tours that will follow on after (we hope). Come along with us on our adventures.


Jean and Ian Morrison


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