Shall we go on a holiday to Norfolk Island?


We are regular watchers of the Sunrise TV show and a couple of weeks ago the show's presenter, James Tobin, "took us" to Norfolk Island for a look see. We were impressed with what we saw and it fitted our criteria for a quick holiday in a place that had a reasonable temperature in January. Now you might ask why the necessity to go somewhere in January? Well in my line of business that is when work is the quietest. In Australia most places are hot in January and in the northern hemisphere most places are pretty cold in January. January is generally not a good time to go anywhere in our opinion. A quick bit of research showed Norfolk Island might just be the place for us in January.

It was December 2nd 2013 and if we wanted to go to Norfolk Island the following month we had to get our act together. January is still school holiday time in Australia so we figured the chances of getting accommodation over there might be nigh impossible.


Sunset on Norfolk Island

Sunset photos discovered on the Norfolk Island Tourism Facebook page.

Sunset on Norfolk Island


Spacifica Travel organizes holidays to Norfolk Island

It didn't take long for us to find Spacifica Travel on Google. They deal in Pacific Island holidays and some of the options on their website seemed to suit us. We rang them and were impressed with their staff responses. They organize the air travel from Australia to Norfolk Island as well as accommodation over there plus car hire. We could go for a week's holiday for $1039 AUD each.


Flying from Australia to Norfolk Island

We soon learned the only airline that flies in and out of Norfolk Island is Air New Zealand. From Sydney, flights in and out of the island are only on Fridays and Mondays. Some flights are in and out of Brisbane to the island and I believe they go on different days of the week.


Holiday deals to Norfolk Island

The deal on offer at Spacifica had to be taken up by 4th December so we had two days in which to make our decision about going. We needed to get ourselves from Western Australia to Sydney to connect with the Air New Zealand flight. After a few phone calls we found we could buy seats on Jetstar for only a few dollars plus using our Qantas frequent flyer points. But the last few seats available were disappearing fast. Ian could pretty much see them disappearing before his eyes on their web site. We quickly rang the travel agent at Spacifica to say please hold two places for us whilst we make our Jetstar booking and they were glad to do that.


We fly over to Sydney with Jetstar

We quickly (and luckily) got our seats booked to travel to Sydney on Wednesday 22nd January, flying out to Norfolk Island on Friday 24th and then flying back into Sydney and thence back home to Perth, Western Australia on 31st January. We added a bit of padding time in at the start of the holiday so we could visit Ian's sister in Sydney on the Thursday before we head to Norfolk Island on the Friday. We promptly got back to Spacifica to do the formalities with them and bingo the holiday was booked and paid for.


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