Norfolk Island here we come

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The route to Norfolk Island

We had a somewhat harrowing drive to Perth airport.  We encountered three traffic jams and lots of road works on the way there.  After what seemed like a very long two hours Ian drove the car into the Long Term parking area at the airport and we caught the free airport bus into the domestic terminal. We quickly went through the usual airport security checks etc. but not without incident.  I was placing my gear into the plastic tray ready for the X-Ray machine when my lap top slid right off,  landing smack bang on the tiled floor.  I’d previously taken it out of its padded cover too.  I got myself into a bit of a sweat wondering if the lap top would be broken.  So worried was I that I forgot I had my camera in my pocket so I set off the alarm when I walked through the scanning “door frame”. 


Fly-in Fly-out workers were in abundance

We made our way to the departure lounge only to find it was packed with guys wearing their construction work clothes all waiting for their delayed flights to the mines up north.  After wandering around for a few minutes we managed to find two seats together.  I checked out the lap top and it still seemed to be functioning which was quite a miracle after hearing the noise it made when it hit the floor.

Our flight was due to leave at 10 a.m. but it was 45 minutes late leaving.  The crew may have been waiting for some late comers who strolled casually along way after we were due to be up in the air. 

Ian waiting for take-off Ian was patiently waiting for take-off


Ian recognized one of the late comers.  He’d seen him ages ago in the airport lounge.  In fact he was there before we arrived in the lounge.  Goodness knows where he had been when the flight was called. 
The flight was uneventful but, as always, with Jetstar, the seats were quite uncomfortable.  We only flew with them because the flight times suited us and because we were able to use some of our Frequent Flyer points for the trans Australia part of our journey.


Flying into Sydney Sydney here we come

Our stop-over at Travelodge

We had booked two night’s accommodation at Travelodge, Wentworth Avenue in Sydney.  We opted to stay there because we’d spent a few nights there back in 2010 and quite liked the place.  The stop-over in Sydney was to meet up with Ian’s sister and brother-in-law whom we hadn't seen since 2010.




Sydney airport into the city.

Originally we thought we would hire a taxi to transport us into the city but we realized there was an airport train that we could use instead.  Ian loves trains so he was eagerly anticipating the ride.  We knew we would have to hop off the train at Museum Station so we found a ticket office and bought our tickets.  It cost $29 for the two of us to get into the city.  If I’d remembered to bring my Seniors Card with us it would have been a couple of dollars cheaper.  Needless to say Ian remembered his card!  We thought that was an awful lot of money for two train rides.  The train ride was, in fact, awful.  It was so hot and stuffy I felt quite unwell.  Getting down to the train station at the airport wasn't too bad as there were escalators but getting back up to road level at Museum Station wasn’t so good.  We had to carry our baggage up flights of stairs.  We were just about knackered when we got up onto road level.  From there it was just a short walk to our hotel. 

View from the Travelodge hotel View from our 10th floor room at Travelodge










When we reached the hotel reception desk I bravely asked if there were any free upgrades to a King-sized room.  The receptionist said “Yes” which pleasantly surprised us.

Our room was on the 10th floor with a view down to a street intersection below.  We were happy with the room facing that direction.  We settled in and made ourselves a cuppa.   There is wi-fi at the hotel but you can only access it in the lobby.  There are also paid computers that cost $2 for 20 minutes.  We emailed the children to let them know we had arrived in Sydney.


Dinner is at Guzman Y Gomez

Burritos at Guzman Y Gomez Mexican for dinner - yum!

Time was marching on so we set off looking for some dinner.  We headed off down Liverpool Street and had a wander around the CBD.  We found World Square and decided on a Mexican meal which is something we don’t eat at home seeing as we don’t have a Mexican restaurant where we live.  We each ordered Burritos, they cost $14.90 each and were delicious and very filling.  The place is called Guzman Y Gomez and we recommend it.  They were very filling meals.

We were very full and very tired by the time we walked back to the hotel.




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