Trying out our hire car and mooching around

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On our way back to our cottage we stopped by to look at the pool area. There is a spa there too. It all looked very clean and well presented.

The resort pool and spa










Hire cars on Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island only measures about 8 km. by 5 km. which is quite small. Because it is very hilly and there is no public transport you dfinitely need a car to get around in. A hire car was included in our package deal. We were told right from the start that it would be an older model car.

Our hire car for our week's stay on Norfolk Island Our hire car

Our particular car certainly looked a bit old and daggy. The seats were quite low in the car and it had no air conditioning but neither proved to be a problem. We were told that there are no re-gassing services on the island for car air conditioners so everyone survives without them.

Another guest, Jenny, and her elderly Mum arrived at the resort the same time as us. Their car proved quite unsuitable. The steering wheel was making noises every time they turned it and the elderly Mum couldn't manage hauling herself out of the car each time they stopped. The car hire company swapped their car for a much nicer and more modern car. So, if you are coming to Norfolk Island and you believe you may have difficulties in getting out of a low car seat it may be sensible to mention this up front so a suitable car is available upon arrival.


Longridge, Bumboras and Rocky Point

From the resort we headed in our car in a south-westerly direction towards the ocean. We found cows wandering freely everywhere, including on the roads. Here on the island they have right of way. Everyone needs to drive slowly and carefully because there are many twists and turns in the road and cows can be right in front of your car before you know it.

Our first views of the coast were impressive to say the least - even on a grey day. The whole of the time we were on Norfolk we encountered grey days. Although this didn't make for colourful photos it did at least mean the temperatures were cooler for us than they might otherwise have been. Locals told us this cool, grey weather was not usual for this time of year.

Road cows seen everywhere on the island Road cows that we were to see everywhere on NI
Ian enjoying the view Ian at a picturesque spot








Rugged landscape Everywhere was rugged coastline
Waves were smashing down onto rocks Waves were smashing up against rocks










Time was marching on so we turned the car back around in an easterly direction heading back to the shopping and commercial area of Burnt Pine. We had decided that if lunches were cheap at the resort restaurant then we would lunch there as much as possible and then have a smaller meal in our cottage at dinner time from items of food we purchased at the supermarket. On our way back to Burnt Pine we spotted a little roadside stall selling bananas and rock melons so we stopped there. The bananas didn't impress us but we bought a rock melon for $4. It was an honour system and we dropped our money into a box.


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