We have arrived in Paradise it seems

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We checked out another little bakery/supermarket closer to the airport and bought ourselves an individual chocolate caramel tart and an apple pie to share for later on.

We noticed in town that no-one locks their cars or shuts their car windows. It is assumed that no-one would steal from you and no-one does. How we wish we had that sense of security back on the mainland of Australia. There is no need to lock up your house here. There are no criminals or vandals. There are no graffiti artists or litter bugs. Everyone is honest and friendly.

We drove back to Governor's Lodge with our edibles. Our first little jaunt around the island has impressed us immensely. We like what we can buy in the shops. Our little cottage is comfortable and perfectly lovely. What more could a holiday maker want! We thought we were in heaven and, in fact, we were!

We wanted to contact family members to tell them we had arrived safely so we popped into the reception area at Governor's Lodge to enquire about the internet. Here and at other places in town you can purchase internet time for $5 an hour. The lady in the office gave me a code and I was able to log in to Norfolk Island's internet quite easily. If you have bought one hour of internet you are able to log on and off several times within that one hour time span.


Norfolk Island has a Chinese Restaurant

Whilst driving down to the shopping area earlier we had noticed a Chinese Restaurant. We thought we might walk down to the restaurant at dinner time, purchase ourselves some take-away chicken and sweet corn soup and have it prior to our bread, meat and salad that we had bought at the shops.

Fresh food was a bit costly $3.20 for two tomatoes and a Lebanese cucumber

We felt like we had been sitting down all day so a bit of exercise would do us good. Governor's Lodge was not too far from the Chinese restaurant so we enjoyed the walk there and back.

The soup was so hot we didn't even need to zap it when we got back to our cottage. It tasted divine and the tomato and cucumber that we eagerly scoffed after it were yummy too. Every resident on the island must surely have their own vegetable garden. I think you would have to be reasonably self sufficient. Perhaps you would have a freezer to store out of season fruit and vegies or otherwise the diet would be very limited or otherwise very expensive if you bought from the supermarkets. Our little kitchen worked well but we did notice there was no toaster. We couldn't imagine breakfast without toast. The cottage had an iron, an ironing board and even an umbrella but no toaster.


Governor's Lodge is so quiet

In the few hours we had been at the Lodge we had not seen or heard many residents at all. The place was quiet and that suited us just fine. It was the last week of the Australian school summer holidays and there wasn't a child in sight. I guess they all were back home getting organized for the new school year. In fact there was hardly anyone at the lodge the whole time we were there. The place definitely wasn't any more than twenty percent full at most.


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