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Waking up on Norfolk Island

Not a sound was heard by either of us all night apart from the ceiling fan rattling around a bit. At day break we heard a rooster crowing somewhere in the distance. It sounded so rural and comforting. We had a leisurely cup of coffee in our king size bed and made out plan for the day. We had paperwork to complete for our car hire and we wanted to organize some tours of the island. Several were included free with our Spacifica package deal but there were others that looked interesting too.


Breakfast in our cottage

Firstly we had to get breakfast out of the way. We had bought a box of All-Bran at the supermarket which we ate with bananas and milk, followed by un-toasted bread with the usual margarine, jam and peanut butter on it. It was a lovely lazy start to the day.

Before heading off in the car we stopped by at reception to ask about a toaster. It seems they are not supplied routinely for the cottages. We asked why and were told that toasters were fire hazards. If someone burnt their toast and it set off the smoke alarm then the alarms would automatically ring in all the cottages. Consequently no toasters were in cottages. I virtually had to beg for one and promise that we would be exceedingly careful and monitor the toaster at all times whilst bread was in it. That being the case the staff member relented and told us that house-keeping would bring one to our room at some stage during the day. We felt suitably honoured and trusted.



We visit Crest Motors

Our hire car had been delivered to Governor's Lodge the day before, ready for our immediate use but we hadn't completed the necessary paperwork that goes with car hire. We wanted to get that job out of the way.

Hire car from Crest Motors Our hire car

Car hire and insurance was included with our package and was already paid for - we just had to decide on what to do regarding an excess charge if damage was done to our car. It was explained to us that there is a $2500 excess if our vehicle were to get damaged at any stage and this excess bond has to be paid up front either in cash or on a credit card. If we wanted to reduce that excess to $500 it would cost us $10 per day. We had seen how narrow and bendy the roads are plus there are a lot of pot holes in the roads. Add into the equation the road cows and we soon realized that damage to our car might be more likely than not so we opted to pay the extra $10 per day.

It was explained to us that just before we left Norfolk Island we were to fill up the petrol tank and leave the car at the resort. How easy was that! That job out of the way we casually wandered both sides of the main street. We wanted to see if there were gifts suitable to take home to our kids.


The Pinetree Tours office

Spacifica Travel included a few free tours for us with the Pinetree Tours company. We needed to book ourselves in for those tours plus book the extra tours we had been reading about in the brochures. There are masses of tours to choose from and it is difficult to make the choices. There are heaps of day tours and almost as many that run at night. We booked three paid tours:

The total cost for the two of us for these three tours is $288. It is not cheap so we hoped we would enjoy them.

Added later: We certainly did enjoy two of them.


Our complimentary tours were:

Added later: Every single one of these complimentary tours was fabulous.
I discovered this list of Norfolk Island Tours after we got home


By the time we had completed the bookings we felt we should scuttle back to Governor's Lodge. We wanted to have lunch there at Bailey's again and be ready after for our free half-day tour of the island which was pre-booked for that afternoon.


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