The markets, an exhibition and then relaxing

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The ceiling fan in our bedroom was starting to irritate us. We had mentioned the problem up at the reception office yesterday but it was still rattling around last night. It didn't seem any better so we wondered if anyone had looked at the problem or not. Whilst we were discussing the problem with the receptionist the handyman appeared. He said he would check out the problem whilst we were at the Sunday markets. No mention of him looking at it the day before though!


Sunday markets on Norfolk Island

We drove from the resort down to the market area which is right near the post office. Just as we pulled into a parking spot rain started to pelt down. We sat in the car for a few minutes and then, fortunately, the rain eased off. Luckily that was the only rain we had on the holiday.

There wasn't an awful lot of stalls at the market but we still managed to buy several items. First up we found a necklace each for our daughter and our son's girlfriend. We had wanted desperately to buy the children something that was made in Norfolk Island but our walk around town yesterday showed us that there was little to buy (that was appropriate) that was made locally. The necklaces were made in Tahiti but we felt the girls would love them. They cost $18.50 each.

We didn't find anything at the market that would suit our son.

Whilst perusing the stalls we found some delicious looking home made foods and fresh produce. We bought ourselves half a bacon and egg pie for $5.00, some caramel slice for $3.50 and five small tomatoes in a bag for $2.50.


Ian at the Norfolk Island Sunday market Ian at the market
It was great to eat local produce Our lunch feast - fabulous local food








We spotted Trent Christian singing at the markets. He is very popular here. With our goodies in hand we went over to the shopping centre mall.


World of Norfolk exhibition

Our tour package included free entrance to the World of Norfolk exhibition. This is a walk through photographic history of the island.

The exhibition is located upstairs in the shopping mall. Robin Nisbet is the photographer and his talent is obvious. There is plenty to read as you walk through the exhibition and all of it is interesting. We felt we learned a lot about the island's history, landscape and culture.


More food

Whilst we were in the mall we thought we would buy a bit more food. We found a beautiful loaf of bread for $3.50 at the bakery. In the supermarket we found the fresh milk was reduced to $4. The day before it was $8 per litre. It was explained to us that fresh milk was due in on the aeroplane the next day so they wanted to get rid of the "old" milk. We bought several cartons because it was nowhere near it's use by date.

Back at the resort we had a very relaxing lunch in our cottage and then sat out on the patio sipping tea. We had noticed quite a few cars parked near our cottage which was unusual seeing as the place was so empty of guests. Then we heard church music emanating from somewhere. We came to the conclusion that a church service was being held in the breakfast area of Bailey's restaurant.

Relaxing comes to us so easily here.


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