Dinner at the Bowling Club

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We had been told that the local bowling club was a good place for dinner so we got ready to drive down to the town centre where the bowling club is located on Queen Elizabeth Avenue.

Before we left the resort I remembered I needed to buy some more internet time. The reception office closes at 6 p.m. so I whizzed in there just before they closed the doors. Sadly they had sold out of the $5 vouchers and seeing as the next day (Monday) was a public holiday it was explained to me they they would not have any more vouchers until Tuesday. The receptionist suggested I try the petrol station just down the road or otherwise the supermarket. Luckily the service station down the road had them. We bought our voucher and continued on down to the bowling club.


Bowling club dinner Norfolk Island Ian inside the Norfolk Island Bowling Club


At the bowling club you order your dinner, you are given a number to place on your table and they bring the food out to you when it is cooked. That is a bit of a silly thing for me to say, isn't it? They would hardly bring the food to you before it was cooked.

We both fancied the seafood platter. Unfortunately and sadly I can't eat potatoes. I asked the waitress if it was possible for me to have some other vegetable in lieu of the chips that would normally be served with their seafood platter. The kitchen staff were more than willing to oblige.

Ian's seafood platter Ian's huge seafood platter meal

When my meal arrived I had a huge portion of mixed vegetables instead of the chips so I was well pleased. It was a good size meal and the sweet mustard dressing on the side was to die for.

Neither Ian or I are used to eating fried food so it was possibly a silly selection on our part as the seafood was indeed all battered and fried. We each ended up picking off some of the batter but even so it was an excellent meal and we can recommend the place.



Feeling rather full we drove back to Governor's for the night. We commented again on another young silly driver who was following way too close to the back of our car. Yesterday we were overtaken on the left hand side by a driver who was not prepared to wait until we had made our right hand turn. Since we have been here we have spotted a fair bit of bad driving by some of the younger people. They appear to be locals as opposed to tourists and we think they have not had much driver training. We wondered how many hours of driver training they have to notch up before being given their licences. I'm sure it cannot be as many hours as our kids back in Australia have to notch up. Just as well speed limits are low here. The roads are quite unsuitable for anything other than low speed driving anyway.


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