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After a gorgeous, lazy start to our day we headed off in the car to Headstone Point and Rocky Point. Headstone Point was the area where two soldiers drowned in 1850 and a person could easily see how. This is a wild coast line.

Ian at Headstone Point gate Ian at the gateway to Headstone Point
Rugged coastline is everywhere here Such rugged coastline is typical of Norfolk Island









White terns on Norfolk Island White terns

On our complimentary bus tour we had seen these strange looking Moreton Bay Fig trees. They were in an avenue over in this south-west part of the island. We simply had to go back for a closer look and of course to take some photos of them. We parked the car on the side of the road and instantly saw some white birds soaring around above us and through the trees. They were totally white and spectacular to say the least. It took a while but I finally managed to get a good shot of them. Along with the street cows we had a good wander around the Moreton Bay Figs. Their roots were even bigger than they seemed from the bus.



Moreton Bay Figs on Norfolk Island Moreton Bay Fig trees
Their roots are enormous A person like me could hide in them - if not wearing red










Whilst hovering around we saw three ladies arrive by car and they were heading off for a walk. I asked them if they were locals or tourists. They seemed friendly so I asked if they knew the name of the white birds. It was then we found out the birds were White Terns.

The ladies asked if we would like to go on a walk with them through the forest. We eagerly said "Yes, please". What a great decision it was to go with them. They were so knowledgeable and the best of people to spend some time with wandering the forest. We introduced ourselves and found they were called Desleigh, Vonnie and Leonie.



Three beautiful Norfolk Island ladies Leonie, Vonnie and Desleigh pulling silly faces
The ladies took us on a walk View from the lookout








How wild this coastline it Any wonder people drowned in these areas?
Larking around catching the wind in their clothers Capturing the wind in their clothes








The ladies told us a bit about themselves and their attachment to the island. All three work on the island and later we visited each of them at their work places. Deslie proved so brilliant at crawling under shrubbery with my camera to take photos of the nesting birds for me. Vonnie is an absolute laugh - a real entertainer without any intention to entertain. I can assure you there is no-one else like Vonnie on this planet. Leonie is a sweet and gentle soul who told us lots about nature on the island. She showed us Mutton Bird holes in the ground, Red Tail Tropic Birds that fly backwards, quails and a rat.

Nesting tern Desleigh took this close-up photo for us
The tern who was circling us A tern spreading his wings and circling our group








Traction engine Traction engine in the forest

We spotted quite a few dead birds that had lost their lives in the recent cyclone and of course some fallen trees.

Leonie told us that back in the 70's and 80's philately was the biggest income source on Norfolk Island. That was quite a surprise to learn.

After about an hour and a half we had completed the circuit walk and were back to our parked cars. We gave our thanks to the ladies who we felt so privileged to have met. We then drove on to find a traction engine that Ian had previously spotted under some trees. Here it is in all its glory. Not being the slightest bit interested in old traction engines I rested in the car gazing at a cow that was no more than six feet away from me. Oh what a lovely life we are leading right now.


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