Cascade Bay and the eastern coast

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The wind seemed to blow all night. We certainly didn't need the ceiling fans to be operational. I heard a cow mooing at day break. Such a calming sound. It must be one of the road cows that wander outside the lodge. There are only a couple of streets that lead into the town centre of Burnt Pine. Each of them has a cattle grid so that cars can access the central area but the cows can't. Otherwise I guess we'd have cows wandering into businesses and elsewhere they are not wanted. Otherwise you can see them all over the island. It feels like we have stepped back into another century and that is a wonderful feeling.

Looking through our cottage window we saw some patches of blue sky which gave us hope of sunny weather to come.

We had decided to go to the Cascade area for a mooch around this morning. There we would see Cascade Jetty, the alternative docking area for boats when it is too dangerous to land at the Kingston Jetty. From there we wanted to drive to Two Chimneys and then on to Point Blackbourne. In the afternoon we were booked in for one of the complementary tours included in our package deal.



Way to stop rats in their tracks Rats are not able to run up past the discs

On the way to Cascade we spotted a good example of the discs we had seen around the palm tree trunks. We think they are to stop rats running up to the top and eating the fruit.

When we arrived at the Cascade area the seascape looked magical. Sunlight was scattered on the water near the jetty. It looked so pretty but we know these waters to be very deadly at times.

Ian spotted an old boiler near the jetty. It was used to extract oil from whale blubber.

Cascade Jetty Sparkling waters at Cascade Bay


Norfolk Island doesn't have a proper port or a safe area for ships to unload their cargo. Ships have to anchor about 1 kilometre out at sea and small boats called Lighters go out to the ships and bring the cargo into either Cascade Jetty or Kingston Jetty. The choice depends on the weather at the time. Sometimes the cargo is too big to fit onto a Lighter so two Lighters are roped together and the cargo sits atop the two boats. We understood there was cargo to be landed later in the week so we were very keen to see how the unloading worked. The men who do the unloading must be very skillful and brave.

Added later: Sadly the ship was delayed so we never got to see the island's unloading tradition played out.

If you are interested in learning more about Norfolk Island's "port facilities" and shipping services click port facilities and shipping services.


Cascade Jetty Cascade Jetty with the boiler in view
Such polished rocks on the shoreline. The rocky shoreline










Two Chimney's

From there we drove towards Two Chimney's fully expecting to find two chimneys or remains there-of.

Lichen at Two Chimneys Ian with his healthy lichen beard

We  understood two chimneys were built in this area during the Second Settlement but we certainly didn't see them anywhere.

It seems this area was used as a gun post during the second world war but again we didn't see any remains. The whole area is a reserve so perhaps we didn't search over a big enough area. We found lots of lichen here and it reminded us that if you see this lichen over 10 cm long then it means the immediate environment is healthy - so we were told. Ian mucked around and made himself a lichen beard



Point Blackbourne

We wanted to visit Ball Bay but the road to the bay was closed by workmen. It stayed closed to traffic for the rest of our stay on the island so we never did get to see it. Seeing we couldn't go there we drove along Martin's Road towards Point Blackbourne. We passed Christian of Buck's Point. We had seen this accommodation site advertised online and it was extremely expensive we thought. Further research showed this to be fabulous place to stay, according to the reviews on their website. It sleeps up to six people in large rooms with large beds and with every facility under the sun plus astounding views. It must be worth the cost but the place seemed closed and very quiet the day we were there.


Back up to Mount Pitt

It was late morning so we decided to drive back up to Mount Pitt before going back to our cottage for lunch. It was a wasted visit because the views were still hazy.

We paid a quick visit to the bakery in the shopping centre and then scuttled back to the cottage to eat our goodies for lunch.


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