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An empty shell is all that is left. The Supt. of Convicts once lived here

Supt. of Convicts lived here

Arthur took us to what used to be the Superintendent of Convicts residence in Quality Row. It is in a sad state of repair being an empty shell inside. Later on a Pitcairner, his wife and 19 children lived there. How they all fitted in I'll never know.

It is located at houses 2 and 3 on Quality Row. The buildings in this street are all of Georgian architecture and quite spectacular - especially the ones that been restored. We checked out some of the other Georgian buildings later on by ourselves.


Aunty Amy's house

After getting back into Arthur's bus he drove us to a house the Pitcairners had built which replicated the Superintendent's house except it was made from timber. It is known as Aunty Amy's house.

The house is located at the end of Allendale Drive which runs off Collins Head Road. We had seen the house from a distance earlier that morning when we were cruising around in our car and we had wondered about its history.

A shop had been built into the rear of the house and the place was then known as the Clothing Club. It is one of the earliest shops to have been built in the third settlement. The shop operated until the 1930's. The place has been empty since the early 1980's when its owner, Girlie Christian died.

The place has gone to ruins and was in such a bad state that we were not permitted to go inside. We were told how a Norfolk Island man wanted to restore the property to its former glory. This would have been no mean feat. This fellow wanted to then make it into a holiday cottage for two people. Sadly the neighbours objected so the home remains vacant and fast deteriorating further.

Aunt Amy's house on Norfolk Island Front of Aunty Amy's house
Arthur tellin us about the history of Aunt Amy's Arthur Evans telling us about the history of Aunt Amy's









From there Arthur took us back to the Tourist Bureau where we thanked him profusely. Everyone on the tour was supremely impressed with Arthur and his knowledge.

We hopped back in our car and headed off to take some photos. It was quite sunny but we didn't have a lot of time in which to take the photos.

The Banyan trees intrigued us Unusual (to us) Banyan trees
Close-up view of their trunks Close-up of the trees - cows shelter beneath them









View of Quality Row adn the Golf Course View of a Quality Row building and Golf Course
The effect of the wind on the trees The wind is so strong it blows the trees to an angle










Problems accessing the internet

The first couple of days we were on the island it proved easy enough to access the island's internet and we had no trouble sending emails to our family. Things went down hill very fast from then on. Maybe it was the location of our room, I don't know, but the internet was so slow we found we couldn't send photos home at all. We would try to send an email but it took so long to send that our money ran out on our voucher. When we got back to our cottage after Arthur's tour we purchased another $5 voucher but it was money wasted. We ended up phoning our children instead.


Chinese for dinner

We had enjoyed our take-away Chinese soup a few night's ago so we decided to go back to the Harmony Restaurant for a sit down meal.

Ian waiting for his Chinese meal at Harmony Ian patiently waiting for his Chinese meal

We couldn't hang around too long as we were booked aboard the Sound and Light tour at 7:45 p.m. The waitress service was a bit haphazard and slow and goodness knows why because we were the only patrons there at the start. None-the-less we were served two delicious plates of steaming food plus rice for a price we thought was very competitive compared to the prices we pay back in Australia. I don't know how true this is but we were told the Chinese man who owns the place grows a lot of the vegetables himself.



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