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I woke up with a very sore back. I think it was due to all the standing around we did yesterday on our tour. We had breakfast and then trotted across the road with the aim of going on the Pitcairn Village Tour. We got to the entry point and discovered the tour would be two and a half hours long. We hadn't realized it would take so long. With my back being so sore I knew that standing for that amount of time could only make it worse. We had many other places to visit so we decided to give the Pitcairn Village Tour a miss. We walled back across the street to Governor's and hopped in our hire car.

View from Mount Pitt View from Mt. Pitt

The sun was poking its head out from behind the clouds so we drove up to Mount Pitt to try to get some decent photos. The view was still hazy but I think that is perhaps due to it being so humid on the island. Perhaps the view is never super-clear.

We wanted to buy a Norfolk Island T-shirt for our son. It was suggested we go to Photopress International in Douglas Avenue, right next to the airport.

We were so grateful for the recommendation. There were so many T-shirts to chose from and we could select one of many Norfolk Island designs that were printed on them. We selected an Australian made T-shirt (as opposed to the Chinese variety they had) and the total cost was $22. Not bad at all. We were disappointed that our gifts for the kids weren't made on Norfolk Island but what can you do when there is nothing suitable for their age group - they are in their 20's.

We then popped in to see Leonie (one of the three lovely ladies who took us on our forest walk) as she said she would bring in some fruit for us. Sure enough she had some delicious water melon from her son's garden. It was so refreshing.


Museums at Kingston and Arthur's Vale

We wanted to re-visit (probably for the third or fourth time) the Kingston and Arthur's Vale area for a closer look at the buildings and to go inside some of the museums in the area.


The Pier Store

We firstly went to the Pier Store. We paid $23 which gave us entry to this museum and the three other museums in the area.

The Pier Store was built in 1825 and was then the Commissariat. In its later life it was converted into a corn mill. This museum has a tag-along-tour but we had missed the start of it. The tag-along-tours are guided tours. This one evidently had morning tea supplied at the end of the tour. Even though we hadn't joined the tour we were invited to partake of tea and cake. This is so typical of the kindness of Norfolk Islanders. There were lots of exhibits to look at and we enjoyed the museum.

The old Crank Mill The Crank Mill

The Crank Mill

This building was erected in 1827 and now comprises just the four walls. Originally it was a granary, then in 1835 it was used to house soldiers and their wives. A couple of years after that it was used to grind corn and about 100 prisoners in chains provided the manpower for that ghastly job.

It was a place of very cruel punishment and you can read about it here: Crank Mill.

You could just about feel the sadness and pain seeping back out of the walls. The building was gutted by fire in the mid 1850's.

Whilst in that area we checked out the old hospital building. Arthur Evans had told us some terrible tales about this place on our tour with him.



view from above Kingston View from the lookout
Rugged coastline next to jetty View standing on the Kingston Jetty









We then climbed part of the way up the Queen Elizabeth Lookout and admired the view of the Kingston Jetty and the adjacent buildings.


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