Mutiny on the Bounty Show

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Bailey's Restaurant at Governor's Lodge

It was well past midday when we finished up at the Research Centre so we hopped back into our hire car and headed to Governor's to grab what would be our last lunch at Bailey's.

Ian chose fish and chips again and I chose the chicken burger option. Ian's cost $10 and mine was $15. I took one look at my plate of food and wondered why I had chosen it - I knew I would never eat that enormous quantity of food. My burger was huge and contained large amounts of bacon, an egg, cheese, tomato, pineapple, lettuce and beetroot. PLUS on the side was a mountain of chips (sadly I cannot eat potatoes) and some scrumptious dipping sauce in a little bowl. As you can imagine Ian had to help me eat it. Bailey's just has the most divine food. I don't know how they can charge such low prices. Their $10 lunch specials are enormous so, in hindsight, I should have known that for $15 I was going to be served an even larger meal than we normally eat here. If you come to Norfolk Island be sure to visit Bailey's for lunch. You won't get better value anywhere plus the surroundings are great too.


Lazy afternoon

We then relaxed out on our cottage verandah with a cup of tea. We enjoyed talking over our holiday experiences. We felt we had visited all the main tourist attractions on the island but we still wanted to go back over to the Ball Bay area. We thought we would try one more time to see if the road had re-opened. But no, Marshes Road was still closed to traffic.

Norfolk Island may be small but there is so much to see. We felt our stay of one week was just the perfect amount of time to be on the island.

Back at the cottage we had a light meal, finishing off some of the bits and pieces in our fridge. I don't think even the most hungry of persons would have had much of an appetite if they had eaten the copious amounts of food we had scoffed at lunch time. But the day is not over yet ..........


The Mutiny on the Bounty Show

We had our showers early and rugged ourselves up in the warmest of clothes we had bought with us. We drove over to the west side of the island for the show. This is an open air show in an amphitheatre surrounded by countryside. We had to be seated by 7:45 p.m. for an 8:00 p.m. start. We were going to see the story of the Mutiny on the Bounty acted out before us.

Immediately we seated ourselves we wondered how on earth we would manage to keep warm even with jumpers and a wind cheater jacket on. The amphitheatre would have been no more than one-tenth full. The show was copyrighted so we didn't attempt to take any photos. The show was well done but somewhat tedious to us. Maybe our judgement was clouded by the cold weather. Perhaps on a balmier night it would have impressed us more. I think, because we have just about finished out tour of the island and because we have heard the Norfolk Island story so many times (and I'm certainly not trying to be smart when I say that) that I think we knew what was about to happen before the actors enacted the scenes. Both Ian and I feel that this show is one you need to see very early in your holiday on the island. For those heading to the island organize your tours so this one is at the top of your list. I think it will then be a pleasure to watch and you will have a great understanding of a substantial part of the island's history before you delve into it in more detail on your other tours.

For more details of the tour see: Mutiny on the Bounty Tour.

We drove the short distance back to our accommodation and had a cup of camomile tea and some toast for supper.


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