Our holiday to Sri Lanka


Making the decision to go to Sri Lanka

We don't generally like organized group holidays. We prefer to do our own thing and generally our aim is to do it much cheaper than commercial tour companies charge anyway.

We've been thinking about going to Sri Lanka for months but didn't book anything because Ian's ankle was too sore to contemplate walking any great distance on it. He had twisted his ankle badly such a long time ago but failed to get professional help with it so his neglect made the whole healing process so much longer than it needed to be. Anyway he feels his ankle is "good enough" now so we have just paid for return flights to Sri Lanka.


Cost to buy plane tickets to Sri Lanka

Because we are Australian we thought we'd travel using Qantas, our own national airline. We quickly discovered we couldn't afford to fly with Qantas. How does this sound to you: two economy return flights from Perth, Western Australia to Colombo in Sri Lanka for $5,440 AUD. Absolutely ludicrous we thought. At this stage in our life we have a fair few Qantas Frequent Flyer Points built up so we thought maybe we could use some of those. We intend going to Sri Lanka at the end of January but sadly that is way too far ahead for Qantas to have released seats for people who want to use points. I'm informed that not too many seats are released in this way anyway. Charming! So much for being a loyal Aussie.

It seems the best option we have is to fly with Singapore Airlines. We've been in contact with Hannah from Flight Centre in Perth and she has worked out everything for us and we are able to fly for the grand sum of $1,859 AUD for the two of us. Tickets are now paid for.

Over recent months we have done a fair bit of research on where we want to go, types of accommodation etc and how to move between cities in Sri Lanka. It is now time to take the next step.

Lion Rock at SigiryaLion Rock at Sigirya in Sri Lanka



Choosing a tour company to take us from town to town in Sri Lanka

We have decided to employ a tour company's driver services for the inland parts of Sri Lanka. The coastal bits we are going to handle ourselves. There are so many of these companies that come highly recommended on the Trip Advisor website. We selected three companies that were highly recommended plus a private driver our son knew was good. I emailed all of them giving them an idea of our plans and asking for a quote. Guess what? Other than a cursory acknowledgement, we have only had one response. Find out who very quickly wanted to help us and how efficient they have been so far.

........ added later .......... one of the companies replied a couple of weeks later to say that because their drivers start and finish tours from Colombo they have to charge us from that point. Their conclusion was that they would be too expensive for us. If they had got back to us earlier we would have said that we are quite happy to pay from Colombo and back again. I think that would be standard practice any way.


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