Flying to Tasmania

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Meals on Virgin flights

Before we left home Ian rang Virgin Airlines to see if a meal was included on our flight from Perth to Melbourne. As expected, we were told no complimentary meal would be served. He was advised that food could be purchased from staff on board and that, if we chose, we could bring along some food ourselves to eat on the plane. That was fine by us.

Consequently we set off on our two hour drive to the airport with a packed lunch in our carry-on luggage. We left the car in the long term parking area at Perth airport.

This always seems to work well for us, as long as we record which row of cars we are parked in.We'd had an early start to our day and we were a tad peckish so, after off-loading our checked baggage, we found a quiet spot to tuck into our sandwiches. Ian's were in pristine condition but mine were somewhat squashed - typical. Just as well they were only plain sandwiches. Never-the-less they were eagerly devoured. We then headed through security and wandered around the upstairs section of the domestic terminal.

Upstairs there were some cafeterias so we had a mooch around to see what was on offer. We found a place called Sumo's that sold salads. You can request combinations of salads and they are spooned into Chinese style food containers and a lid gets slapped on the top. We couldn't resist so we bought one to share, thinking that a few hours later we could eat it on the plane. By the time we landed in Melbourne it would be dinner time anyway because they are three hours ahead of Perth time.


The Virgin flight to Melbourne

No sooner had we purchased out salad than the plane started boarding. The plane was only three-quarters full so there was plenty of room for our salad to sit in the overhead locker. Shortly before take-off the pilot made some announcements, one of which was that we would soon be served a complimentary drink and lunch!!! He also said that because of the weather we could expect some turbulence upon take-off.

Loading the plane in the rain Loading the plane in the rain
Inside the plane we were pleased to find we had movie screens to watch Inside the plane









The take-off was actually very smooth and sure enough along came some light lunches.

Ian's meal on the Virgin flight Ian's curry meal
Jean's meal on the virgin flight to Perth - Melbourne My vegetarian pasta meal









They were only light meals but not too bad. The little bar of chocolate was the best part of all. Looking at the meal trays you would think Ian had scoffed his already, wouldn't you!

Added later: We seem to think these meals are only included on the longer haul flights right across Australia.


Pongy smells

The flight went very smoothly. Nothing to complain about apart from the constant farting of someone close by. Honestly, one can excuse an indiscretion once or twice but seven or eight times is just a tad too much. I was glad to get some fresh air when we got off the plane in Melbourne.


Melbourne airport

We only had a short wait in Melbourne airport. Just enough time to eat our shared salad and to send a quick email to our kids to say where we were. We used an airport computer and it cost $2.

As our next flight took off we saw a dreadful smoky haze in the sky. This was from the ongoing bush fires that were burning in Victoria at the time. After a while the plane rose above the smoke. The flight into Hobart was very short and, naturally enough, meals weren't needed. The plane was no more than half full. We saw more smoke as the plane descended into Hobart.

Hobart is a tiny airport with a friendly feel to it. We quickly found the shuttle bus that was to take us to the Mercure Hadleys Hotel.


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Inside the historic Hadley's restaurant in Hobart.

Hadley's Restaurant in Hobart