The Grand Mercure, Hadleys Hotel

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Our accommodation at Hadley's Hotel delights us

Hadley's Hotel is an historic olde worlde place. It has lovely high ceilings and ceilings roses in the entrance and reception areas. But now I must digress.

A couple of days before we left home Ian was browsing through the Trip Advisor website and came across some absolutely awful reviews about Hadley's Hotel. There were horrendous stories about the hotel having a Fawlty Towers feel to it. There were masses of complaints about everything. Air conditioners didn't work, rooms were small, furnishings were shabby and the place was generally felt to be unkempt. Everyone did say that the location was tops though. I knew the price of the accommodation at this hotel because I had rung them to organize the extra two nighs accommodation there. After Ian told me about the reviews I rang Evergreen Tours for some assurance that the accommodation was up to scratch. The lady I spoke to assured me their customers had not previously complained about Hadley's and that the accommodation was up to standard. We thought that because we were a tour group perhaps we would be accommodated in a different part of the hotel which was up to standard.


Hadley's apartments delight us

The reception team at the hotel were impressive in their uniforms and customer service. A very smart, young Irish lad attended to us. He told us we had been upgraded to an apartment for the first four nights of our stay. An apartment!!! We said thank you very much and asked why we had been granted such a wondrous upgrade. He said that it was due to the place being very booked out with extra folk staying there due to them not being able to access parts of Tasmania where the awful bush fires were. It seems the usual, standard rooms had been given to these extra folk and (we presume) that because we had a longer, four-night booking it was deemed we should receive the upgrade. Well what a lovely surprise! We secretly wondered had this upgrade got anything to do with my phone call to Evergreen.

We headed up to our apartment to check it out. In the lift was a big ad for the hotel's buffet breakfast. It is worth $26 and sounds/looks really yummy. Our breakfasts are included in the cost we paid Evergreen. This should be good.

The apartment certainly was impressive. There was a self contained kitchen/dining area, a washing/drying machine, a good sized lounge, a great looking bathroom (although the main light wasn't working) and, best of all a king sized bed! There was a flat screen TV in the lounge and also in the bedroom. We thought we were in heaven.

Kitchen in our apartment The kitchen in our apartment
Ian relaxing in the lounge Ian enjoys the lounge








Our bathroom The bathroom was very modern
The very comfortable king-size bed We really loved the huge king-size bed











We settled in and then had a wander around. There is a gym but I don't think we'll have too much time to use that. We needed to find out if there was wi-fi in our apartment so we headed to reception. We soon found wi-fi would be out of our budget. It costs $11 per hour. I think you can get it for $24 for a whole day if you so chose. The Irish receptionist told us there is a hotel computer in the lobby we could use and that it would cost us nothing. Guests can use it for up to half an hour per day. We mentioned the problem light in our bathroom and we said there was no hurry to fix it immediately. We would be perfectly happy if it were to be fixed the next day. He assured us it would be fixed.

Added later: The hotel computer was exceedingly popular. You pretty much had to line up to use it or you could miss your turn. The bathroom light was indeed fixed the next day.


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We are pleased to see the Sam Simon in Hobart. It one of the Sea Shepherd's fleet.

The Sam Simon was in the dock