Breakfast and Then Setting off On foot To See Hobart

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We woke up after an excellent night's sleep in this huge white bed. Both of us are eager to get down to breakfast to sample this promising hotel buffet.

We approach the restaurant cashier and mention our room number and names. She checks her paperwork and feels we are not entitled to breakfast as it has not been pre-paid. We told her that was not the case - we had pre-paid. She says she will enquire with hotel reception and she suggests we grab ourselves a cup of tea and sit down whilst she sorts out the situation. So we did that. We sat and we sat. Eventually Ian decides he has had enough of waiting so he goes back up to our room to find the paperwork that proves we have pre-paid. He produces the paperwork to the cashier. She says she did check and we were entitled but she hadn't had time to get back to our table to tell us. Goodness me!


Complaints about the Grand Mercure

Whilst Ian was upstairs looking for the paperwork I started chatting to a couple on the table next to me. They were horrified with the hotel. Their room was pokey. Apparently, according to them, the hotel has recently been taken over by the Accor group but they said it was way below the usual Accor standards. They always stay at Accor hotels because they are reliable and have such high standards but they thought this hotel was well and truly letting the side down.

I mentioned to them that we had been given this mysterious upgrade to an apartment because we were here for four nights. They had a longer booking than ours but they hadn't been upgraded, even though they had asked for a better room. They had a long list of complaints about Hadley's and were intent on complaining to Accor about the situation when they got home. They were a nice couple, much the same age as us and we chatted on numerous occasions whilst we were at the Grand Mercure. We were thankful we were in an apartment but we wondered what our room would be like upon our return to the hotel after the tour. The nice lad at Reception had said we would not be able to go back to the apartment when we returned to Hobart after the tour. The upgrade was a one-off.


Meals at Hadley's Grand Mercure Restaurant

Hadleys restaurant Hadley's Restaurant served excellent food

The buffet breakfast was truly excellent. There was masses to choose from with regard to cereals and fruit, lots of choices with teas/coffees, a fully cooked hot breakfast set out in bain maries plus several varieties of toast, croissants and pancakes. The people at the next table said they had eaten in the restaurant the night before and it was an excellent meal.


Venturing down by the harbour

Our hotel is very central in Hobart. We wander down towards the waterfront to see what is on offer. We bought ourselves tickets to travel on the Red Decker bus which is a two-storey English style that you can use to hop on and hop off at various stops around Hobart. We thought that would be a good idea in order to get our bearings. We intended to go on the bus around lunch time. Whilst there we were able to book tickets to go up to the top of Mount Wellington. We organized that for later on that same day.

Next we thought we would book our tickets for an excursions to MONA (the Museum of Old and New Art) in two days time. The booking office for MONA is next to the Red Decker office which is extremely handy. Whilst at the MONA booking office I discovered my Visa card was no longer in my purse. I went into a bit of a panic and shot back into the bus booking office. It had to be there as I'd only wandered five metres from one building to the other. There was no sign of the card in the bus office. One older gentleman was on his knees looking under the office counter for me but it couldn't be found. Eventually I found it in my purse. I'd put it away in the wrong section of cards in the purse. You can imagine the relief. How stupid of me.


Visiting MONA. in Hobart

MONA. is perched (and buried) on the side of a hill along the Derwent River. If you approach it by boat you have 99 steps to climb to get up to the entry area. We decided to go there by bus, which would take us right to the door, and then leave the museum by the boat. It costs $20 return to go there by bus or boat or a combination of both. The entry charge is $20. If you are a Tasmanian resident there is no entry charge at all. With a heap of tickets purchased we set off to look around the harbour area.


Hobart's waterfront

An old steam crane An old steam crane
Windwarde Bound The "Windeward Bound"sailing ship

We had a casual stroll around, taking in the sights. We saw where the yachts in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race moor.

We took some photos and then headed back in the direction of the Red Decker stop to grab a bite to eat and to then begin our hop-on-hop-off tour of the city.

We saw Mures seafood restaurant which we thought might be rather nice for dinner that night.



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One of the Red Decker Hop-On-Hop-Off buses we were to ride on

The Red Decker bus in Hobart