Red Decker Tour & The Sam Simon

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Ian was getting a bit peckish and time was marching on. We decided to have a quick bite to eat before getting on board the Red Decker bus.


Disappointing Lunch, scoffed too fast

We saw a little place over the road called Harbour Lights Cafe and thought this might be suitable for our lunch. It was very busy inside and somewhat hectic. Well it was their busy lunch time so we had to expect this. The pies looked most interesting so we thought we buy one each and eat them on the bench near the bus stop. Ian chose a scallop pie and I chose a chicken and Camembert pie. We didn't have too long in which to eat them so we scuttled back across the road, plopped ourselves down on the bench and began eating. They were such disappointing pies. Truly they were nothing but a gravyish slop. Hardly anything solid in those pies at all. It was a waste of $13.50 and I never even bothered finishing mine.


We climb on board the Red Decker bus

The Red Decker bus starts its tour at the Tasmanian Travel Centre so we walked back there to hop on. We took the opportunity of going upstairs on the bus. It was a surprisingly warm day and it seemed even hotter upstairs on the bus.

The Red Decker Bus The Red Decker bus

It didn't take long before our tee-shirts were wet and sticking to our backs. We had a great tour of the inner city and the commentary was excellent too. The bus passes such places as Salamanca Place, Battery Point, Wrest Point Casino, Cascade Brewery, the Female Factory and the Botanic Gardens. The bus does a 90 minute loop and it costs $30 per person.

Our bus was a 1973 Leyland Atlantean bus built for the South Yorkshire Transport company. It seats 74 people.

We climbed off the bus to find the weather was fast changing. We had very fine drizzle descending upon us.


Tours up to Mount Wellington

We wanted to go to the top of Mount Wellington which is situated in the Wellington Park which is a natural reserve of some 18,000 hectares and extremely close to Hobart. As we got off the Red Decker bus we spotted the Mount Wellington tour bus coming in. We had already paid for the Mount Wellington tour when we purchased our Red Decker tickets earlier in the day. We lined up ready to get on board the little mini-bus that goes up the mountain. We didn't get very far. The driver told us he wouldn't take another trip back up there that day. The mountain was shrouded in cloud and it was a waste of money going up there because you couldn't see anything. The group before us had a disappointing view from the top. We were quite disappointed too. The driver said we could either re-book for another time or we could get a refund. We chose to swap our booking to the next morning.


We go to find the "Sam Simon" instead

The Red Decker driver had mentioned a Sea Shepherd vessel was in the harbour. He thought it might be possible to go on board for a tour over it. That immediately got us interested. It was still drizzling but we really wanted to sea that boat.

It is called the "Sam Simon" and it used to be a Japanese research ship. It is the latest ship to join the Sea Shepherd's anti-whaling fleet. According to the bus driver it was not going to be in dock for much longer as it was waiting to head out to sea to check on any illegal actions of the Japanese whaling fleet that were already on their way south.


The "Sam Simon" The "Sam Simon"
Ian next to the "Sam Simon" Ian by the "Sam Simon"









We soon located the boat. We asked if we could go on board but sadly we were told that would not be possible. The boat was due to leave that night but a storm was approaching so cast off was to be delayed until tomorrow.

They had a donation bucket on the wharf so we put a $10 donation in it. You have got to admire these people.


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The tour guide holding the hangman's noose at the Penitentiary Chapel

The guide showing us the hangman's noose