An afternoon Spent Wandering In Hobart

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The bus brought us back down to sea level and dropped us off at the Tourist Office stop which is very central to everything.

We didn't have anything in particular in mind to do so we thought we'd wander around at a leisurely pace. We walked back down the hill to the harbour to see if the "Sam Simon" had left. It was still in port so we got a better photograph of it.




The Sam simon still in port The "Sam Simon" was still in por

The Maritime Museum

Next stop was to check out the Maritime Museum at 16 Argyle street, down on the water front. As you can imagine, Tasmania has a rich maritime history. The museum covers so many different aspects of that history and you could certainly spend a lot of time there. The entry fee is $9 per person or $18 per family. We didn't realize until later that there is some sort of ticket deal whereby if you go to the Penitentiary Jail as well as the Maritime Museum, there is a discount of some sort on ticket prices. Whichever attraction you go to first, make sure you ask about this deal. You may save a few dollars.


A late lunch and more wandering

We found a little cafe and stopped for lunch. I was after something soft for the sake of my mouth so we settled for pumpkin soup and sandwiches. It was quite mild weather, considering the temperature earlier in the day. We ambled around stopping to take photos here and there. We found a cinema and went inside to see when Les Miserable was showing. We had vague ideas about seeing it that evening.


View of the wharf View down at the wharf
Looking back up to Mt. Wellington Mt. Wellington in the distance








Hog's Breath cafe in the old gas works building Hog's Breath Cafe in this building


We always look up at the awnings of shops to see if there are any pressed metal ceilings. The interest is purely because of the business I'm in. Sadly, and surprisingly, we saw very little by way of pressed metal.

We came across a Hog's Breath cafe that had been a gas works in a previous life.

Eventually we wound our way back to our room at the hotel. A cup of tea went down so well. We had our showers early and watched the news on TV. At the time there were bush fires were burning in several states across Australia. They had been particularly rife in Tasmania but we hadn't seen or smelled any smoke since arriving.


Dinner at Sawak Malaysian Cafe

Whilst out walking earlier in the day we had come across a small Malaysian cafe which had tempting meals on its blackboard menu, so for dinner that night we thought we might attempt to re-trace our footsteps and go there for a meal. As it turns out later, the cafe was exceedingly close to Hadleys Hotel - in fact it is just opposite the side entrance to the hotel. Sawak is a small cafe open at lunch times and for dinner from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m. Everything on the menu sounded divine so it took us ages to chose. Finally we bought a plate of steamed dim sums and a dish of Char Kway Teo to share for the grand sum of $19 total. The meal was totally lovely and we promised ourselves we would go back there after our bus tour of Tasmania ended.

We wandered back to the hotel. We had done a lot of walking that day and felt rather pooped.


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The pink and black mini bus that travels out to MONA and back.

MONA bus