Heading Back To Hobart

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We had pre-purchased our ferry tickets back to Hobart. Judging by the numbers of people at MONA we thought the ferry could be quite full. So, well in advance of time, we headed back down the 99 steps to river level.

Steps to climb down to river level
Steps down to ferry jetty
The 99 steps looking upwards Those 99 steps looking upwards









The weather was calmer down at the bottom with some protection from the wind. It is a small area with about six seats. We quickly grabbed two seats before the hordes descended.

As it got closer to boarding time we glanced back up the 99 steps. The steps were covered in people.

The jetty to the ferry The jetty to the ferry at MONA
The ferry that would take us back to Hobart Ferry boat










We watched the ferry approach. A few people dis-embarked and then hordes of us climbed on board. The ferry filled up quickly and it was evident a few people were going to have to stand for the journey. The windows of the ferry were large but not clean so it was difficult to see through them which was a pity. The ride back took about half an hour and was very smooth. Certainly no need for a sea-sick pill. There was food on offer and drinks as well. As the ferry docked we passed two passenger liners that had docked whilst we'd been gone.

The "Sam Simon" had finally left port. As I write this (on 21st February 2013) we have heard on today's news that some of the Sea Shepherd boats were yesterday involved in an incident with the Japanese whaling fleet. Read the about how the "SSS Bob Barker" and "SSS Steve Irwin" have been rammed by the Japanese whaling fleet’s massive factory vessel, the "Nisshin Maru" The Sea Shepherd fleet were trying to stop the Japanese boat re-fuelling. Although sustaining damage this is a success for Sea Shepherd. The Japanese couldn't re-fuel and are now heading back to Japan. The whaling season is over in 18 days so it is unlikely they will return this season.

We walked from the ferry terminal back to our hotel. Ian is quite sun burnt. Although perhaps it is wind burn and not sun burn. We weren't in the sun much at all but there was a strong wind at MONA.

Up in our apartment we made a cuppa and then freshened up ready to meet the Director of our bus tour plus all the other people who would accompany us on the tour. We wondered what would happen regarding the first night of the tour. The plan was for us to spend the first night at Port Arthur but the area leading to Port Arthur has been badly burned in the bush fires. Port Arthur has no power.


Dinner at Hadley's

We sat at a dinner table with a lady called Jean from Townsville. We got along very nicely and spent quite a bit of time in each other's company during the bus tour. The Tour Director (John) introduced himself and told us that we would spend an extra night in Bicheno seeing as we couldn't go to Port Arthur. Port Arthur is a very historic place so it would have been interesting to visit it but these things happen and plans have to get changed. Even if we could have gone there I think we would have felt like we were ogling through the bus windows at someone else's disaster. Not nice.

Formalities over and done with, we were served a divine smorgasbord. It started off with the best tomato soup I've ever tasted. I commented on how delicious it was to one of the waiters and he told us the sous chef made it and soup is his specialty. We were honoured to eat that soup. We ate roast pork cutlets, vegies, pasta and more. Salads were available but we didn't have room to eat any. Then there was a large range of desserts. Somehow my stomach suddenly enlarged itself and I well and truly indulged. Strange how that sort of thing happens to me. It doesn't happen to Ian! Everything we ate was delicious. We remembered how the other guests we'd met at breakfast had said the food at Hadley's Restaurant was impressive. They were correct.

Ian and I were so full we needed to go for a walk after dinner. We walked a heck of a long way to burn off the calories. Later, back in our apartment we packed up our gear ready for an early start on the tour the next morning.


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Look who we will meet tomorrow.

Koala at Bonorong