We go on a Night-time tour to See Penguins

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Foreshore Walkway in Bicheno

We soon perked up after having a cup of tea. We thought we should go for a walk in the opposite direction to where we had walked earlier in the day.  Consequently we headed off in a north-westerly direction.  We found an excellent walking track that followed the bay.  The track was so close to the water that sometimes we walked up and over giant rocks on the shore.   The walk is simply called Foreshore Walkway.  It was a truly delightful walk. We saw thousands of Blackberry bushes but none of the fruit was ripe.  Those Blackberries were in plague proportions with certainly enough to feed the whole of Bicheno.  As we walked along we could feel a distinct temperature drop in the many shady parts of the walkway.  Eventually we came back up to the roadway and we ambled back to the motel.


The Coach Driver gives us a tip

Dinner was again in the motel restaurant.  Another great three-course meal was served.  Everywhere we have been taken we have been supplied with so much excellent food - another compliment to Evergreen Tours.  Before we left the restaurant Brett, our driver, talked to us about motion sickness.  He said the next day we would be travelling on some winding roads.  He explained that the bus temperature would be lowered from the usual 23 degrees to 21 degrees.  The cooler temperature would decrease the chances of us feeling sick.  What he said next surprised and intrigued us all.  He suggested that whilst the bus was going around bends in the road it would be helpful to each of us if we moved our feet up and down as if marching along.  So, sitting in our seats we would lift our knees and feet up and down to mimic walking.  It seems our brain has an auto-adjuster for motion and this is what stops us feeling motion sickness when we are walking along the street.  By us mimicking walking (in our seats) our brain kicks in with its auto adjuster and stops us feeling nauseous.


Bicheno Penguin Tours

Our tour group was divided into two for the Bicheno Penguin Tour.  We were in the second group to head down to the shore by mini bus.  The bus ride took 9 minutes and we arrived close to 9:45 p.m.  We were dropped off in a very dark area and we followed our guide down a narrow path to a spot close to the beach.  We all had to be exceedingly quiet for obvious reasons.  We were asked to stand very still with our legs slightly apart.  In the darkness some penguins slowly approached us.  We could see them by the guide’s torch light.  Sometimes they will actually walk in between people’s legs but sadly they didn’t do this when we were there.  The guide was fascinating and told us so many interesting facts about penguins.  Apparently these penguins generally have two chicks.  One wants to be dominant so it poos on the other chick knowing full well that the parents will lose interest in the smelly offspring.  We were told that the penguins travel quite a distance from the beach.  They even cross the main road and go into resident’s gardens are make themselves comfortable in places like wood piles.  We were not permitted to take photos on this tour.

Photos of Bicheno Penguin Tours, Bicheno

This photo of the penguins is courtesy of Bicheno Penguin Tours They have been given brilliant reviews on the TripAdvisor website. Look at the Reviews other people have given the tour. This tour was exceedingly interesting. We can thoroughly recommend it.


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Legerwood memorial trees we'll see tomorrow. They have been carved into soldiers

Carved trees of Legerwood