We arrive at Hotel Grand Chancellor in Launceston

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From Beaconsfield we headed straight to Launceston and to our hotel, the Grand Chancellor.  It certainly looked quite smart from the front and the foyer was very swish – a lot different to Grand Hadley’s Hotel in Hobart, that’s for sure.

Our baggage was brought up to our rooms for us.  Our room was delightful, quite large and with a king-size bed.  We had a mobile air-conditioner in the corner of the room but there was no need to use it as it was not hot.  Internet was $10 for half an hour.

We are staying at this lovely hotel Hotel Grand Chancellor in Launceston
Huge bed at Hotel Grand Chancellor Our king-size bed









Neat little dressing room Dressing room

Sadly the bathroom did not match the quality of the room itself.  It was so badly in need of a make-over. The tiles around the bath were badly damaged by water.  The hot tap leaked water all over the vanity.  We had to squeeze past each other if two of us needed to be in the bathroom at the same time.  Strangest of all was the bathroom door stop.  It rose up from the floor and sat right between your feet if you were perched on the toilet.  It was actually quite a dangerous tripping hazard.

There was even a small room outside the bathroom where clothes could be hung and luggage stored. I guess it would be considered a dressing room.


Pronouncing the name Launceston

We soon discovered that Launceston is not pronounced Lawn-ceston but Lon-ceston. We didn't realize we've been pronouncing the name of this city incorrectly for all these years.


Dinner at the Grand Chancellor

As is the norm on this coach tour we were treated to a buffet dinner.  It was extremely tasty. There was so much to choose from and plenty of it.  The food was presented very professionally too.  We met two of the six people who are joining our tour group tomorrow.  They sat with us for dinner.  When we booked the tour we just assumed all of us were on the tour for the entire time.  We hadn’t realized others were joining part way through the tour.  The six “late-comers” were just doing the Launceston to Hobart leg.  Later on we met another two “late-comers” and they told us they didn’t realize they were joining a larger tour group that had been on the road for a few days already.  Not that it made any difference to anybody.

Whilst at dinner we chatted to other group members about our lovely bed.  It seems everyone has a king-size bed – even David the single teacher.  David jokingly said he felt he needed to go out that night to find himself a lady-friend to share his bed with otherwise it was a waste of a good bed.  We all had a good cackle.  We all knew we had an early start the next morning so I told David he’d have to kick his lady friend out early.  “Oh, no!” said David “She can come on the coach too and sit on my lap”.  Cause for more cackling amongst us.



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