The Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Company

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Next stop is to the Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Company. Our bus group was divided into two halves to make it more manageable numbers for the business.  Half of us went on a tour of the garden and the other half sat down to sample some of the produce.  We were in the first group to tour the garden. 


The garden is very beautiful

The fellow who owns the place took us around his garden and he had us entranced with facts and figures and the general history of the place.   He and his wife bought the property 26 years ago from a chap who was in his 90’s.  The house was exceedingly run down at that time and there were only about three trees on the property.   Because there were few trees the area was extremely windy so the owner planted trees as one of his first priorities.  He is a horticulturist and you can certainly tell he’s done his homework because there are now so many trees thriving there and adding to the beauty of the establishment.  He chose his trees and other plants according to when they would flower and fruit.  He even had three different espaliered apples on three different levels of frame work.  The garden was simply gorgeous.  It looked like it had been there for a lot longer than 26 years.  He had a great view across a wide valley which he told us floods in wet periods.  From there they can see snow on Ben Lomond and other nearby mountains.

The house and garden The house and garden
View across a wide valley View across the flat valley









I think what we all found most interesting was the part about the state of the house before the current owners purchased it.  The house was obviously too much for this 90 year old chap to look after.  He really was living in a deplorable state.  Apparently the house stank terribly and the bathroom was nothing less than gross.  He told us the smell made them gag when they first went there.  There were rats by the hundreds. The owner had spoken to the district nurse who used to visit the old fellow.  She could always hear the rats scurrying around when she called.  One day she entered the place very quietly in order to actually see the rats.  She was able to count about 20 rats and some were as big as cats.  Some were even on the old man’s bed.  When the new owners took over they said the bathroom floor would actually move when they walked on it and the rats would come out to see who was disturbing them.

The place has been up renovated and cleaned up magnificently and I’m pleased to say we never saw one rat scurrying around in the outdoor areas where we were.  It was a pleasure to tour the garden.


Sampling the produce at the Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Company

There are all manner of sauces and jams to try and buy Produce from the Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Company
Jam from this interesting tourist attraction Nothing like morning tea of jam, scones and cream









When the garden tour ended we were seated in an area with long tables and chairs. the sampling began. We were given a variety of sauces and mustards to sample. they were served on little rice crackers. It was an interesting exercise. I enjoyed most of them but some of the other older folk didn't. The tastes were a little bit unusual but I really enjoyed most of it. The we were supplied with a tiny amount of icecream with blueberry Sauce on top. It was divine.

There is a well stocked shop there for tourists to buy from and the owners are fully set up to package the goods and send them home for you by post if needed.


Lunch at Evandale

We stopped for lunch at the little town of Evandale. Our bus load of customers pretty much all went to the same cafe for lunch. The service was a bit slow but what place could instantly serve 40 people in a hurry anyway? None, I think. I was hungry but my poor gums didn't want to eat. Consequently the chewing process was very slow.




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Later today we'll visit the Cataract Gorge

Cataract gorge as seen from the chair lift