Cataract Gorge Reserve

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After lunch our coach headed back towards Launceston.  On the way back we stopped at Cataract Gorge Reserve.  This heavenly place really is extremely close to Launceston, being only a 15 minute walk away but when you are in the grounds you feel like the city is a million miles away.  You actually feel like you are out in the countryside.

There are walking and hiking trails, the world’s longest single span chair lift, a swimming pool, a restaurant, an interpretation centre, a suspension bridge and much more.  We took the chair lift up to the top and admired the views down below as we rose higher and higher.  Once up at the top we had a wander around and tried to take photos of birds and animals that were hiding in the shrubbery.  It really is a very pretty place.  A while later we hopped back into our seats on the chair lift and headed back downwards again.


sign at entry to Cataract Gorge Reserve The chair lift entry point
The swiiming pool at Cataract Gorge Looking down at the swimming pool









The chair lift at Cataract Gorge The chair lift horrifies us
The suspension bridge The suspension bridge









The chair lift really horrified us

I must add a few details about the chair lift. To us the seating arrangement was nothing less than hazardous. 

The seats are in pairs and there is a bar that lifts down in front of you to stop you falling out.  We found the seats quite slippery and we weren’t wearing clothing made from slippery fabric.  The hand rail across the front of each seat could simply be lifted up.  There was no locking mechanism on it.  We could just imagine a couple of children or teenagers on the chair lift and mucking around, as they do, they could have so easily fallen to their deaths.  It seemed odd that occupational health and safety regulations could permit such a set-up.  When we descended in the chair lift we saw children coming up the other way.  In one instance there was a Dad in one seat and his very young child, most definitely under the age of four, sitting in the adjoining seat by himself.  Dad wasn’t even holding on to his hand.  He could so easily have slid straight underneath the safety bar and plummeted down to his death.  We found it quite worrying.

Before long it was time to head out to the front of the reserve to climb back on board the coach.  Some of the folk on our tour were going on an optional boat cruise on the Tamar River but we chose not to so we headed back to our hotel when the coach stopped back in the city.


We go looking for a dentist in Launceston

I decided it might be sensible to seek advice from a dentist about my sore mouth. Hotel reception told us about a dentist that was close by so we set off on foot.  Luckily the dentist fitted me in straight away. He confirmed that the temporary filling had come out and gave me a prescription for antibiotics.  He suggested I buy some Nurofen Plus to take away the discomfort at meal times.  Hopefully these pain killers work fast.  We found a pharmacy close by so it was an easy affair to get what I needed.  At least I had no pain when I wasn’t eating.


Strolling through the inner city area

We enjoyed a lovely stroll around the central city area.  We took photos of interesting buildings and ambled through the City Park, stopping to look at the Japanese Macaque monkeys enclosure.  It was quite a highlight to watch them interacting.  There were huge old trees in the park and a conservatorium that housed lots of extremely colourful plants.  I especially liked the hydrangeas.


Japanese monkeys on display Japanese Macaque monkeys
Hydrangeas at the conservatoreum The colourful plants were spectacular










It was quite warm walking around. We really had been very lucky with the weather since the start of the tour. Whilst wandering the streets we spotted a Chinese restaurant we thought could be suitable for dinner that night.  We both felt like a good feed of Chinese food.

Chinese for dinner

Jin Xing restaurant in York Street was our restaurant of choice.  We had an excellent meal in what was a very quiet restaurant.  We had garlic scallops and combination chow mein with me avoiding eating anything that was hard.  The Nurofen took the edge of the pain in my sore mouth so I was thankful.

Back to the hotel for another good night’s sleep in our king-size beds.


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We found many historic buildings in Launceston

So many historical buildings to see in this city