Cradle mountain Chateau

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We thoroughly enjoyed Cradle mountain Chateau The very lovely Cradle Mountain Chateau

We were impressed with Cradle Mountain Chateau which was our accommodation for the night. It certainly didn’t have the appearance of a chateau in the usual sense of the word.  However it was very classy accommodation. 

We were given a lovely large room which housed a queen sized bed plus a single bed. 

Directly in front of our window was a grassy sloped area that fronted the car park.  We were able to see wildlife munching on their supper through our window. 

comfortable room at Cradle Mountain Chateau Comfortable accommodation at Cradle Mountain

We also noted cigarette butts in the nearby garden.  Whatever possesses people to think they can throw out such items, most especially in such a pristine wilderness?

A wander through the hotel revealed lovely bar/lounge areas, a large restaurant plus areas to relax and read books whilst enjoying the comfort of burning wood fires.  There were also verandahs where you could sit and watch creatures in their natural bush habitat. Very comfortable accommodation indeed.


Wilderness Gallery

Across the other side of the car park is located the Wilderness Gallery housing the Tasmanian Tiger Exhibition.  The gallery is quite large and also has several rooms devoted to photographic collections and other interesting artifacts.   We just had time to look through the gallery before it closed for the day.


Best buffet dinner on our Tasmanian trip

We were advised dinner would be served at 6:30 p.m.  It was truly a fabulous meal.  We could avail ourselves of baked ham, roast meats, veggies, pasta dishes, curry and rice, steamed vegetables, salads, desserts, cheeses and biscuits.  All were served with various accompaniments.  The range of desserts was to die for.  It was a pleasure to eat lunch and dinner today with my mouth barely sore.


Exercise needed after our huge meal

We were quite friendly with another Jean who was travelling on the tour with us.  She fancied a walk and so did we so we rugged ourselves up and set out from the back verandah, down and around a special board walk through the bush.  We were quietly looking for native animals.  We heard a little bit of rustling but sadly never saw one critter.  We then thought we’d head off through the front entry of the Chateau down the winding tarmac roadway. 


Wombat Both of us were hoping to see a wombat and here he is

We were still in the hotel grounds when we saw a wombat eating his dinner on the grass.  At last I’ve seen one in the “wild”!  It was quite a narrow and bending road and probably not really safe to be walking on so late in the evening.  A car could so easily have skittled us.  We didn’t even walk 100 metres.  It was quite cold anyway so we scuttled back to the hotel.  It is not dark here in summer until 9 p.m. which is quite different to where we live.  Sadly we don’t have daylight saving in our part of Australia and they do here.  Back in our room we re-heated ourselves with a divine hot shower.



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We can see the Nut from afar

The Nut is a flat table hill seen from miles away