We visit Burnie and Stanley

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An early start from Cradle Mountain Chateau

John and Brett wanted us to be underway early today because a lot of driving lay ahead of us.  We were able to devour a sumptuous buffet breakfast and it was immediately time to hop back on board the coach.  We left at 7:45 a.m.  Our first stop was the town of Burnie, right on the ocean.  It was suggested by John that those needing prescriptions or money from ATM’s get them whilst we had our stop over here.  We’ll be in Strahan by tonight and apparently facilities at Strahan are somewhat limited.    John also suggested we might like to buy some take-away lunch whilst here because food facilities wouldn’t be huge when we stopped at Stanley for our lunch break.


Ian beside the weird statues Ian amongst the strange statues in Burnie
Historic building in central Burnie Beautiful historic building in Burnie










We had a nice wander around Burnie, bought ourselves some chicken and salad rolls for lunch and withdrew some money from an ATM.  I had a minor panic at the ATM when I couldn't find my bank card. Silly me had put it away in the wrong place in my wallet. Burnie is quite a reasonable sized port town with a population of about 20,000.  We were only in Burnie for about an hour so we were limited in what we could see but there seems to be interesting places to visit if you have more time, see www.discoverburnie.net/what-to-see.html.  This area is supposed to have the best milk possible for cheese making.   I would have enjoyed the cheese factory, especially after touring the one we visited earlier on our tour.  Paper making would be interesting to visit too, I would think.


Heading to Stanley

Back on the coach Brett, our driver told us about a wealthy (self-made) local man and his wife who are putting huge amounts of money back into the local community in Burnie. We saw their house high up on a hill.  Apparently this fellow’s wife is generous with her time donated to the community. She helps sick children's causes and holds charity tea parties at their home.

The Nut The Nut

As the bus headed out of Burnie we were treated to views of fabulous farm scenery with the richest, brownest soil imaginable.  Growing in the fields were opium poppies, pyrethrum, carrots, potatoes and tulips.  Apparently many tulip bulbs are exported to Holland, would you believe. It really was extremely beautiful countryside.

From a way off we could see a flat topped mountain that looked like a table. It's real name is "The Nut". This is where the little ocean-side town of Stanley is.



The main street in Stanley The main street at Stanley

We have a short stop at Stanley

Stanley itself is hilly and has lots of holiday homes and B & B’s.  The coach parked in the main street so we grabbed our chicken and salad rolls and headed down to the water’s edge to eat.  There is a nice park there and some toilets.  Neither of us brought our hats with us which was a bad move because the sun came out and we could feel our skin being burned.  With lunch out of the way we wandered back up from the beach and had a mooch around. 

We found a graveyard and spent quite a bit of time there looking at the headstones.  There must be a lot of wildlife there because there was animal poo everywhere in the graveyard.  Back up in the main street we looked into a couple of the little shops and, before we knew it, it was time to hop back on board the coach and continue our journey towards Strahan.


Hill at Stanley The Nut, a flat topped hill alongside the beach
Picnic and BBQ area at Stanley The beach-side park area where we ate our lunch








Driving to Strahan

Wee Georgie Wood "Wee Georgie Wood" lives here

The scenery quickly changed and we were driving through temperate rain forest.  The sloping terrain was steep with very thick vegetation.  We passed tin mines which now only employ only a fraction of the workers they once did.  Many of the current workers now drive to the mines on 5 days on/5 days off roster.

From the bus window Ian caught sight of the Wee Georgie Wood Steam Railway. He would have liked to have mooched around in there but sadly the attraction was not on our tour timetable.

It’s now 5 p.m. and we are arriving at Strahan. Going by coach driver John’s comments we thought Strahan might be quite primitive but it isn’t really that bad at all. We’ve covered a lot of miles today.


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This will be our view in Strahan

The township of Strahan