Strahan Village Accommodation

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As we drove through Strahan I could soon see it wasn’t as primitive as we expected.  There are lots of houses, water-side cafes and a lot of boats and catamarans moored close by.  It is very hilly.  As our guide suggested there is not too much to mention by way of facilities but then I guess that adds to the ambiance of this little town.

Arriving at Strahan Village

It was quite a steep drive up to our accommodation at Strahan Village.  You can't see it very well from down at sea level so I can't show you a decent photo of what the outside looks like from the front. The accommodation here seems to be a very mixed bag.  Our bus group had been allocated what I would term motel accommodation.  As we walked down the central hallway to our room it felt like we were walking along a prison walkway to our cells.  We unlocked the door to our room and were greeted by warm stuffy air.  Our first job was to open the window to bring in some cooler air.  The room was quite dated with a double bed and one single bed.  The room was painted a yellowy cream colour with timber ceilings giving a slightly oppressive feel. 

Looking up towards the Strahan Village Motel
A large car park runs between the front of the main building and our row of units further back. We were housed in units in the middle of the picture









I needed to do some washing so I raced to the tiny hotel laundry which had one machine and was in use.  I enquired with a staff member about any extra laundries in the establishment.  She went off to see what else was available but never came back.  I waited patiently for the washing machine to stop.  Eventually when it did stop I waited for a while for someone to come and remove their clothes from it.  No-one came so I removed the clothes myself and put them to one side.  I loaded our few items of clothing into the machine and set it up.  Little did I know at the time but I had set the machine up for a very hot wash….. but that’s another story in itself.  We only had a few items to wash so I sat in the laundry waiting for the cycle to finish.  The owner of the previous load eventually came into the laundry and boy did I get some dirty looks from her.  Presumably she was not happy with me removing her clothes from the machine.  Too bad!  There were 40+ people off our bus wanting to use a washing machine. 

Back in our “cell” Ian had made a cup of tea for us.  It was still so stuffy in our room.  I wondered how on earth we were going to sleep in these conditions. 


Dinner at the Strahan Village Restaurant

Dinner that night was at the Strahan Village’s own restaurant.  The restaurant has the most fabulous view imaginable right over the village and the water.  The buffet dinner we had there was even better than the view itself.  On offer were some of the region’s specialty foods.   There was soup, a whole cooked salmon, a scallop salad, a duck salad, heaps of baked dishes, antipasto dishes plus a nice little range of desserts to boot.  It really was a scrumptious meal.


Fabulous view from the Strahan Village restaurant The view from the restaurant looking to the left
Looking further to the right from the same spot The view from the restaurant looking to the right









The un-receptive receptionist

After this enormous meal we felt we needed a walk.  We also wanted to find out about wi-fi access.  We had seen a pay computer near the restaurant area but it had a sign on it saying it was not working.  Our accommodation was high up on the hill but reception was way down below at sea level.  We felt a walk down to reception and back would serve two purposes.

After climbing down oodles of steps we quickly found reception.  A sign on the door said it was closed from 7 p.m.  This is a big accommodation complex in a tourist town in the middle of summer and the reception doors close at 7 p.m.  Crazy!  After those hours you could speak to someone at reception if you press a buzzer on the right side of the door.  We pressed the buzzer expecting to hear a voice through the speaker but instead we heard the door click. 

We looked through the glass door and saw a very stern faced receptionist who obviously was expecting us to open the door and come in (if we had to!).  She looked quite fierce and we felt somewhat intimidated so to lighten the conversation I said to her, in a light-hearted way, that I was expecting a voice to come out of the speaker.  She was in no way impressed and she continued to glare at us with a sour expression.  I asked about wi-fi but found her response unhelpful and most certainly unfriendly. As it turns out there is wi-fi but only in some areas and certainly not in our room.  She commented that a computer should be available near the restaurant lounge.  I mentioned there was an out of order sign on it.  She responded that it had been that way for several days and that it wasn’t “their” computer anyway!  We don’t know how people with her attitude are employed in the tourism industry.  She wasn’t a youngster.  She certainly needs to lift her game.

We had a walk along the waterfront but what we really needed was a fast paced walk to get rid of all these calories we’ve consumed on this holiday.  We clambered back up the steps to our room.


Back to our room

We entered our room which was still so hot and stuffy.  We opened the window and the door into the hallway to try to create a through breeze.  I grabbed the pedestal fan and positioned it to suck air in from the window. I then went to plug it in to the socket.   As I looked at the power points I immediately realized why the room was so hot and stuffy.  The oil heater was on.  It was the middle of summer on a gorgeous day – why on earth was the heater on, using a heap of power no doubt.  At least we now had a solution to the over-heating problem.  Other guests at dinner had commented that their rooms were hot and stuffy too.  Has the heater been on in everyone’s room?

We found there was masses of hot water for showers.  The shower floor was quite slippery though.


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We are looking forward to seeing the Gordon River and Macquarie Harbour tomorrow

View of the harbour from the catamaran