Lunch and the Sarah Island tour

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Lunch on the Lady Jane Franklin II

Back on the boat it was time for an early lunch.  It was a buffet affair.  There wasn’t a huge variety of food to choose from but then we were on board a boat so that was fine by us.  Noticeably there was masses of smoked salmon!  We each took our loaded plates back to our seats to eat.  The seats were airline style with little pull down tables connected to the seat in front.  The boat cruised graciously along the very still Gordon River whilst we ate our meal.  The captain reminded us that our photos would be better than those taken by folk on the later boats because we were the first boat up the river that day and the water was so still.

The river was like a mirror The still river acted like a mirror
Picturesque to say the least Fabulous scenery









Pristiine world heritage forest The forest in all its glory
Now the water is not so smooth Water churning at the back of the boat










Sarah Island Tour

The next stop on our cruise was the very lonely Sarah Island.  This island was once a penal settlement and was known to be one of the cruelest places on earth a prisoner could be sent.  We were told before we disembarked that we could either wander around independently or be part of a guided tour. 

The catamaran approaches historic Sarah Island Approaching Sarah Island
Janelle made Sarah Island so memorable for us Janelle the fabulous tour guide









We chose the guided tour and we were not sorry we made that choice.  There was no extra cost for the guided tour which surprised us.  Our tour guide was Janelle and what a character she was!  Janelle very dramatically told us the story of Sarah Island as we walked along and she had us entranced with her actions and words.  Various members of our tour group, including Ian, were given very tiny roles to play in her story.  The island’s history therefore became fascinating.  If history was taught “Janelle’s way” in schools it would be everyone’s favourite subject.

The ruins all told a story Janelle told us the story of the various ruins
The landscape on the island Scenery on the island









Janelle let on to us that she would be staying over on the island that night.  She said there was a hut there that she would occupy.  No-one else would be staying with her!  We thought that would be quite a scary, especially on your own.  Goodness knows what ghosts inhabit the place.

Anyway if you get chance to be part of Janelle’s Sarah Island tour jump at it.  She is brilliant at her job!


We head back to Strahan

Eventually it was time to get back on board the boat and head back to sleepy Strahan.  It was quite hot when we disembarked in Strahan.  We had one and a half hours to kill before our train excursion on the West Coast Wilderness Railway.   We decided to climb back up the steps to our hotel room to freshen up and have a cuppa.  Others on our tour group opted to stay down at sea level.



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Later this afternoon we will climb aboard the West Coast Wilderness Railway

Carriage of the West coast Wilderness Railway