Wending our way back to Hobart

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The itinerary gets changed and for a good reason.

After lunch the itinerary had us going to Mount Field National Park on our way back to Hobart.  However bush fires were still very much on the agenda in the eastern parts of Tasmania.  This national park was having problems with fires.  Brett (driver) and John(tour guide) were constantly in touch by both phone and internet to various authorities regarding the state of the bush fires.  They didn’t want us to unnecessarily miss out on seeing the park but by the same token they had our lives in their hands.  If the fires suddenly changed direction and Brett couldn’t get his coach turned around fast then we could have been headed for a nasty death.  It finally came down to us being told the road was only open to local and essential traffic.  No one on board was disappointed.  It was the way things had to be.


The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

John asked us if we would like to go to the Botanical Gardens in Hobart in lieu of the time we would have spent at the Mount Field National Park.  Most of us said yes but I think a few of the older folk just wanted to go to their accommodation at Hadley’s Hotel.  They were getting a bit tired of playing the tourist. Brett dropped most of us off at the gardens and took the others back into the heart of the city to our hotel for the night.  We only had a relatively short time to check out the Botanical Gardens. 

Grand old tree in the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens Impressive tree in the Botanical Gardens
A merry go round surprised us We saw a steam operated merry go round








A duckling entertained us Duckling paddling in the lily garden
We enjoyed the Botanic Garden which was colourful We enjoyed the Japanese Garden









Ian and I were keen to see Peter Cundall’s vegetable garden.  Peter Cundall from the ABC gardening show had been a hero of ours for years so it would be nice to see his garden for real.  Sadly his garden was closed to the public when we were there.  Bother!  The gardens weren’t as grand as we had hoped.  They weren’t very green either.  Hobart is a surprisingly dry city so I guess that explains the yellowness of the lawns.  Despite its southern latitude, Hobart is the second driest capital in Australia.


Returning to Hadley's Hotel in Hobart

Our room was a disappointment and not good value Double bed and huge lamps that crackled

It was time for the rest of us to go back to Hadley’s Hotel and book back in.  Sadly, this time there was no free upgrade to apartment status for us.  We had read online (after we had booked out tour) how bad some of Hadley’s standard rooms are so we weren’t surprised when we walked into our room.  Firstly, as we entered the room, we were immediately facing a large item of furniture.  Ian had to side-step to the right so I could walk into the room.  It turned out the bulky furniture item was a TV cabinet. It was a huge timber structure with three very large drawers underneath.  We had a double bed - grrhh!  We hate double beds because we are such poor sleepers and we wake each other up even more in a smaller bed. 

The huge item of furniture infront of the bedroom door The monstrosity (and I don't mean Ian)


Our room is very small with nowhere to put our luggage except on the floor.  We have a window with no view excepting some workers down below smoking.  We are on the second floor so we don’t want to open the window to let all the smoke in.  At least the air-conditioning worked.  The bedside tables were tiny and the huge bases on the bedside lights precluded anything else being safely placed on the bedside table.  When the bedside light was turned on it crackled.  A look around the en suite made us sigh. There was no shower door, there was no exhaust fan and no plug for the sink.  The light switch for the en suite had so many cracks in it that it was a wonder it hadn’t fallen off the wall.  Later when we used the shower we discovered the soap dish in the wall was quite loose so that the movement of it ensured that water stayed in it and the soap couldn’t drain dry.  Lastly, there was virtually no room for clothes to be stored whilst we were showering.  Thanks goodness our stay was for only two nights.



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We will enjoy a delicious meal at the Drunken Admiral Restaurant tonight

Drunken admiral in Hobart