Last night in Hobart

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We wandered slowly back to Hadley's Hotel getting back to our room around 4 p.m. We stopped to speak to some of our "extended family" of tour people. They had been to MONA for the day and weren't impressed with what they saw on display. Remember we had visited MONA ourselves when we first arrived in Hobart and we also found it quite unusual. I guess it was built to create conversation and controversy so it has achieved its aim.


Dinner at Sawak

Prior to the tour commencing we had visited Sawak for dinner. We liked it so much we wanted to return to the place and this was our last chance. Sawak has an extensive blackboard menu of yummy sounding food. It is only a tiny cafe-style place but the food is great. We finally decided on Char Kway Teo (flat noodles) and Fish with ginger. both were delicious and the total cost was $26.

We then went for a long stroll to walk our dinners down. Finally back at the hotel we met up with Jean who was the first "coach tour companion" we came across before the tour started. We had a drink with her in the lounge and spent a while studying our group photo and trying to put names to faces. We finished the night by sending a quick email to our kids from the hotel computer.


Our holiday in Tasmania is fast coming to an end

Addie adn Mehru eating breakfast Two of our tour group eating breakfast on the last day

After a lazy start to the day and one final scrumptious Hadley's breakfast we checked out of our room. Many of the other tour group members were booking out too. We sat in the hotel lobby waiting for our airport shuttle bus. Jean was waiting for her shuttle bus too. She told us about the Cat and the Fiddle clock in an arcade just down the road. We were surprised to hear about such a thing. We had wandered the streets for several days in Hobart and hadn't come across it.

The arcade has quite a bit of history dating back to the early 1800's when there was an inn there called the Cat and Fiddle Inn. To cut a long story short there is now an animated clock up on the wall in the arcade and once an hour it plays music and you can watch the cow jumping over the moon whilst the cat plays on the fiddle to the tune of Hey, Diddle, Diddle. We had a bit of time to kill so Jean watched out bags and we shot off down the street to find the arcade. Sadly we missed the animated action but we did at least see the clock.

Jean's plane was due to leave later than ours but she came on the same shuttle bus with us to the airport. We were only there a few minutes when our flight was called so we said our farewells to Jean and made our way to the security section. As we approached the area we could hear this dreadful wailing noise. It was hard to comprehend what it was. Eventually we could see a young handicapped lady who didn't want to be parted from her hand-luggage in order for it to be scanned. She had no intention of walking through the metal detector doorway either. Her carer was having a devil of a time with her. The carer and the staff would just manage to get her through the security checks when she would scamper back out under the security chains once again. There, but for the grace of God, go the rest of us.


Heading home with Virgin

We wave goodbye to Tasmania Our last glimpses of Tasmania
Strange circles seen from the plane Interesting circles seen coming in to Melbourne










Our flight from Hobart into Melbourne took only 58 minutes. Wouldn't it be great if all flights were as short as that! We had time to kill at Melbourne airport and to be honest it really dragged. We wandered over every square metre of both the international and the domestic sections. We had a bite to eat and then eventually made our way onto our second flight to Perth. We found the aeroplane seats to be quite uncomfortable. They seemed to be slippery and we felt we were continually sliding forward in our seats. The plane ride was thankfully un-eventful. When we got outside the Perth airport complex it was dark but we easily found out car in the long term parking area . We had written down exactly which row it was in so there was no confusion in our addled heads..

Ian kindly did the driving and two hours later we were pulling into our drive-way. Make way! Make way! We need the toilet, closely followed by a proper cup of tea in a proper big mug.

The end of another holiday.


Added later: We would not hesitate to use the services of Evergreen tours again. They really were simply the best. Their organization and caring attitude were exemplary. Well done Evergreen Tours.





Nearly time to touch down

Just about to land in Melbourne