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When we first investigated travelling to Nepal we were interested in staying with Couch Surfers just as we did on our Russian adventure. We approached a Couch Surfer by the name of Birendra. He was very willing to share his home with us for a few days. Birendra is an extremely helpful fellow who, as it turns out, has his own business called Adventure Club Treks and Expedition. We have discovered that he not only organizes tours in Nepal but also in Bhutan and Tibet.

We already had our Bhutan tour booked and were in the process of getting quotes from Tibetan companies to travel from the Nepal border overland to Lhasa, Tibet, via Everest Base Camp. Birendra suggested we allow him to quote on a Tibet tour through his Tibetan associates.


No need to travel with a guide around Nepal

Unlike Bhutan and Tibet you don't have to travel everywhere with a guide glued to you in Nepal. We had a few places we wanted to see in Nepal but had no idea how to get to those places or where to stay in Nepal. Our friend Birendra has helped us such a lot in that regard. He has told us about some very interesting places to visit that I'm sure we would never have discovered ourselves.

Swayambhunath Stupa in Nepal
We will visit Swayambhunath Stupa

We had no real idea about time taken to get from one place to another and Birendra has helped us in that regard too.

We will fly into Kathmandu from Paro, in Bhutan. We are firstly going to spend a couple of days with Birendra, his wife and two children. Hopefully we will gain our bearings a bit and also learn about Nepali culture. He has offered to show us around lots of interesting places which is very kind as we have come to realize he is a very busy man. Then we will head off to see other places in central Nepal. Birendra is making all the hotel bookings for us which is wonderful. We have just over a week in Nepal which is not a lot of time but then it is better than no time at all.


Heading to Tibet

Birendra's quote on a tour of Tibet was very favourable so we have accepted and he is organizing that for us. We will drive from Nepal into Tibet which is going to be very exciting. We will cross borders at the Friendship Bridge and then a tour guide from Tibet will meet us and our holiday will continue.


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