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Accommodation in Kathmandu

With a bit of luck someone should be at the Kathmandu's Tribhuvan airport to collect us when we arrive from Paro in Bhutan. The airport is about 6 kilometres from the centre of the city.

For the first two nights we will be staying at our host Birendra's home with his wife and two young children. They are hosts in the Couch Surfing program which we are members of. We hope that being with Birendra for a couple of days will help us get familiarized with the Nepali culture and also set the Nepal visit off to a good start. We don't want to make any social gaffs on our holiday so we hope Birendra will steer us in the right direction right from day one.


Travelling to Pokhara from Kathmandu

After those two days we are heading off to the city of Pokhara which is about 200 kilometres away from Kathmandu. Even though it is not very far it takes all day to get there by road. We were going to travel by bus both ways but we are starting to think it is a bit silly to waste so much time driving over the same route twice. We want to go by bus so we can see the landscape but we may now decide to return to Kathmandu by plane. We'll need to ask our hard working friend to get a flight price for us.

We are booked in to stay two nights at the Sacred Valley Hotel, hopefully up on the top floor as we are told it is quieter up there plus there will be roof top views. Whilst there we hope to go boating on Lake Fewa and to have a massage at the Seeing Hands Clinic which is a highly reputed massage business where the massages are done by blind people. These blind therapists and trained by professionals and much of the money raised go back into training more blind folk. The business is highly recommended online and you can see a photo of the place here.

Whilst in Pokhara we hope to go to Sarangkot one morning to see the sunrise beyond the Annapurna Range and the Himalayas. It is said to be spectacular. There are also museums and caves to visit. It seems the lifestyle in Pokhara is less frenetic than in Kathmandu.

After two days in Pokhara we will travel back to Kathmandu and spend a night there at the Hotel Holy Himalaya. We don't like to ask Birendra to accommodate us again. We don't want to become burdens plus we enjoy trying different types of accommodation. The hotel looks quite nice from their web site but we've no idea if Birendra has booked us into a standard or deluxe room. Probably it would be standard. I must remember to ask him.


From Kathmandu to Bhaktapur

For the next two days we are going to Bhaktapur. Apparently you have to pay a fee to enter the old town. I think it is something like $10 USD. From what I have read it is going to be extremely interesting there. It is a very historic place and we will be able to soak up Nepali art and architecture. Bhaktapur dates back to the 7th century and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Bhaktapur back to Kathmandu

We then travel back to Kathmandu and stay at the Hotel Holy Himalaya for a couple more days. Birendra has made lots of suggestions about places we should see that are not too far from Kathmandu such as Bungamati, Khokana, Kritipur and Budanilkanta. Some of these places have streets so narrow that cars cannot traverse them.

Once those days are over we head off by 4WD to the Nepal/Tibet border for the next stage of our holiday. Birendra has organized the Tibet portion of our holiday through his travel company Adventure Club Treks and Expeditions.


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