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Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Although it was very hot and steamy weather we soon decided to walk over to Marina Bay Sands – it really wasn’t worth getting a taxi for the short distance involved.

We each paid our $20 SGD entrance fee and were told we wouldn’t be able to see all of the area at the top – only a small part of it.



Marina Bay Sands photographed from Singapore Flyer The Marina Bay Sands resort is built up in the air

Hmmm! That would be disappointing! We climbed into the elevator and were soon 57 floors up in the air. Once we walked out onto the deck and into the sun we realized just how extremely hot it was. Being sensible Australians we had our hats and our water bottles.  I don’t think anyone else did. We certainly had some good views from up the top. Coming back down to ground level we had a wander through the bottom of the Marina Bay Sands building. There were some very exclusive businesses and expensive restaurants down there. Certainly not the type we would be spending our dollars in.


Marina Bay Sands view The deck and view at Marina Bay Sands

To see other parts of the top of the building take a look here:

Aren’t they fabulous photographs?

This YouTube video presents photos of the various stages of the building process: Building Marina Bay Sands



Chilli squid meal The chillies left on the plate AFTER we finished eating

We flagged down a taxi at the hotel and asked the driver to please take us to Chinatown as we wanted a tasty Chinese lunch. We went to a place that I think would be frequented more by locals than tourists so that was perfect. We selected various dishes but we didn’t realize the squid dish would be so full of chillies which we dislike. We picked off every bit of chilli from the squid and you can see how much chilli was left on the plate when we finished eating. We were absolutely full and the whole meal only cost us $26 SGD.


Back to Singapore airport

Sky Train in Singapore The Sky train

We walked from the restaurant back to the Rucksack Inn and collected our gear. The receptionist kindly booked us a taxi. It cost us $27 SGD to go to the airport.

Once back at their I volunteered to sit with the luggage so the men could head off to check out the Sky Train. I was pooped so I was happier to be seated in the air-conditioning. Later when they got back we checked in and went through the Singapore customs ready for our flight to Bangkok. We got a bit peckish later on so we found a little food outlet that sold pancakes with sausage fillings. I had mine with lettuce and mayo and it wasn’t too bad. They cost $3 SGD each.


Jetstar Asia Flying Singapore to Bangkok

Our flight wasn’t too bad but it was very cramped in the plane. We flew with Jetstar Asia so I guess it is a budget airline so you don’t get much leg room. We went through the usual airport formalities in Bangkok airport and went searching for our ride to our hotel which is called BS Residence. We found the hotel transport co-ordinator at the airport but she seemed extremely disorganized. It took ages for us to board the bus and we were getting very tired after not sleeping well at the backpackers hostel the night before.


We sat in the bus for at least 20 minutes going nowhere. When the bus driver finally took off he drove very fast. Luckily the hotel wasn’t too far from the airport so we soon alighted.

BS Residence wasn’t all that crash hot. It didn’t seem to correlate with what we had read on the Trip Advisor forum. It was late, we were tired and we had to be up at 4:00 a.m. for our flight to Bhutan so all we wanted was a hot shower and to plop ourselves into bed. In the hotel room we found two pairs of thongs and a pair of shoes. Interesting!


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