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No barking dogs and no dry washing

At first glance our beds looked lovely but as soon as we climbed in them last night we found they were quite hard.  This proved to be a common feature almost everywhere we went in Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet. We had read about the Bhutan street dogs that bark all night so I wore my ear plugs and heard nothing all night.  Ian didn’t wear his ear plugs but he said he never heard dogs barking either. Last night we washed out undies and socks and hung them up in the bathroom to dry. Come morning they were still quite wet so we unpacked our own little washing line and hitched it all up near the window so the items could dry during the day. The thicker washing had already been handed in at Reception to be washed as part of their laundry service.


Breakfast at Phuntsho Pelri

Ian put on his collared and long sleeved shirt before we headed down to breakfast.  I didn’t want to be seen in my man’s shirt so I intended to put it on after we had eaten. Breakfast was buffet style and consisted of porridge, cornflakes, hot and cold milk, omelettes, chips, toast, water melon and jams. Little did we know just how many omelettes we would come across on our holiday in the Himalayas.  I think eggs must be cheap in these places.


Lady sitting on the floor weaving Weaving at the Textile Heritage Museum, Thimphu

Textile Heritage Museum, Thimphu

Dorje drove us to the Textile Heritage Museum which is right in town. Here we were introduced to the living national art of weaving. We first sat down to watch a video which was very interesting. Then we were able to stroll around looking at the various outfits worn through the ages. Finally we were able to see weavers actually making their colourful fabrics. They sit on the floor to weave with a back support to make them more comfortable.



The Arts and Crafts School in Thimphu - National Institute of Zorig Chusum

Wood carving at the Arts & Crafts School The Arts & Crafts School in Thimphu


Next up was a visit to the Arts and Crafts School where thirteen historic crafts are taught. Hundreds of years of knowledge is passed down to students in this interesting place. Tourists are allowed into the class rooms and we found we could have stayed there all day watching the students work because it was so interesting. You can learn more about the specific 13 arts and crafts here Zorig Chusum -



Folk Heritage Museum

This museum is a three storey restored home made from rammed earth and timber. Inside you can see exactly how people would have lived a couple of hundred years ago. We were able to take a glimpse at the lifestyle, items and artefacts of a Bhutanese farm house as it once would have existed.  We were able to learn about Bhutan’s rich cultural traditions from the museum guide who toured around the museum with us.




The large gold Buddha statue looks down over Thimphu The gold Buddha

A drive up to see the Gold Buddha

From our hotel window we were able to see a large statue of Buddha up on a hill side. This is what we are going to see next. The 51 metre high statue is not yet completed but still interesting to view.  We didn’t find out till later that it is actually slightly taller than the Statue of Liberty. Because we were basically on a construction site it was a bit dusty. Also going to be constructed on the site are tourist facilities such as restaurants. It was a good place to take photographs of Thimphu.


Excellent view across Thimphu from the base of the gold Buddha View back across Thimphu from the gold Buddha statue



Lunch at the Orchid Restaurant, Thimphu

Back in the main shopping area Kinga took us to The Orchid Restaurant for lunch. We are getting fed so well we shall stack on kilos before we get home at this rate.




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