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A lazy start in Zangto Pelri in Punakha

Our bedroom was very quiet last night with no barking dogs in the vicinity at all which is unusual. We had a relaxing start to our day today because we didn’t have to be underway until 9 a.m.  We were one of the last into the dining room for breakfast. We had cornflakes and milk, scrambled eggs, pieces of fried spam (?) guavas, some nice toast, butter, marmalade and apple juice.

The young ladies were there to cart our luggage back up the steps and into the car. I simply couldn’t look at what they were doing as I knew my suitcase would have been up for another good bashing around when it got knocked into walls and steps.

Quite good food wasserved here The restaurant at Zangto Pelri
Lounge room at Zangto Pelri Hotel Lounge area where wi-fi is available









Royal Bhutan Park

We stopped here for half an hour on our way back to Dochula Pass. In the information centre we were able to watch a video about the park and then have a wander around. Ian and I thought it was quite relaxing but later Jeremy told us he was bored silly. I must admit I don’t think I saw one animal there! The tent photographed below was made from yak hide.

Nomad tent in the Royal Bhutan Park Nomad tent at the Royal Bhutan Park



Dochula the second time around.

We stopped for morning tea at Dochula Resort again. The first time we arrived at Dochula Pass (four days earlier) it was early in the day. Kinga had wanted us there early so we could see the mountains before the cloud came up.  This second time around we were later arriving. Sure enough the mountains were partly hidden. It was hazy and cloudy. We were so thankful Kinga had insisted we leave early for the first visit. We did a lap in the car around the Dochula car park as our way of saying goodbye. The scenery we saw that day was nothing short of spectacular .We noticed there were now colourful flags hanging from the monastery. These had been erected ready for the royal wedding. They weren’t there four days ago. Everywhere is frantically being tizzied up for the wedding. Elegant and colourful archways are being erected over roads and flags are in abundance everywhere. It is a joy to see.


We stopped for lunch at the Bhutan Kitchen Lunch at Bhutan Kitchen

Back briefly to Thimphu

We continued re-tracing our steps back to Thimphu the capital of Bhutan. It was lunchtime so we stopped to eat at Bhutan Kitchen. Others who had arrived for lunch earlier than us had snaffled low dining tables with special low seats. Unfortunately we didn’t get that privilege because we had to sit at what seemed like coffee tables. It was uncomfortable to eat. We either had to lean forward and risk our food landing on our laps or we had to sit with our plates up under our chins.



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