Rowing On Lake Fewa

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We woke up at Sacred Valley Inn feeling refreshed

We all had one of the best night’s sleep we have had since we left home. The beds here are quite comfortable compared to some of those we had slept in whilst touring in Bhutan. We had a good breakfast on the upstairs balcony which really seems to be only used by us. We had fruit salad and muesli followed by bacon sandwiches. We all felt rather full afterwards


Buying Some summer clothes

Jeremy strolled outside and was greeted by four water buffalo walking down the road in front of him.

We needed to exchange some US dollars and to each find some cooler clothes. We had been expecting temperatures to be in the low twenties (Celsius) so none of us had brought summer clothes with us. We all bought ourselves cooler, lightweight pants which could have the lower legs unzipped and removed when needed. I also bought a lightweight blouse. We had to try our clothes on in a dingy little area at the back of the shop. Space was a little confined. At one stage I poked my arm up through a blouse sleeve and sent the overhead light globe into a spin. It was so warm and humid you felt the clothes were sticking to your body as you tried them on. Most of the clothes the young assistant assured me would look good on me all turned out to be miles too small. It was so ridiculous it was almost laughable. We were glad we bought those clothes though because the temperature that day ended up being 28 degrees Celsius and the humidity was 61%.


Off to Lake Fewa to row on the lake

Back at the hotel we unzipped the lower legs of our pants and re-decked ourselves out in our summer-style gear.  We only had a 400 metres walk and we were at the ticket office of the boating company. We could easily see the island in the lake and behind the trees we could just make out Bahari Temple.
Because it was so warm we chose a boat with a canopy over it and we were pleased we did this. It cost us 1050 rupees ($13 AUD) and for that princely sum we could use the boat for the entire day, until 6pm. We all climbed aboard the boat with Jeremy and Ian manning the oars. Me, being the lady of luxury that I am, sat and admired the scenery, took photos and passed around the water bottles. There was a bit of argy bargy with Jeremy and Ian trying to coordinate which direction to go in and how to manoeuvre the oars. 

Lots of boats were ready for hire Plenty of boats for hire
Jeremy had a ball rowing on the lake Jeremy clearly enjoying the rowing








We go around the island and then hop off Circling the island
Relaxing on the island before we row back Relaxing on the island










We first did a lap of the small island.  We then moored our boat at the island and had a look-see at the Hindu temple. It was only a very tiny island so we only stayed for half an hour and climbed back into our boat. We (I should say the two men) then rowed across the lake to the far bank. Over that side it really did resemble true jungle. Bugs, birds and tropical trees surrounded us. Then we slowly rowed back across the lake enjoying the breeze. We scrambled off the boat amidst a large group of people all eager to climb on board.


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