Wandering around lakeside

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Time for lunch at La Pizzeria

A few metres from the boat area was the main street in Lakeside so we didn't have far to go to find restaurants. We climbed up the steps of La Pizzeria. It seemed hot upstairs so we elected to sit out the back on a deck area which had sun shades and tables set up. Even under the umbrellas it was quite hot and we had to keep moving seats as the sun shifted in the sky.

We weren’t all that hungry so we elected to share a pizza and each order a salad to go with it. The salads arrived first and we immediately knew we had ordered too much food. Eventually the pizza arrived and we all agreed it was one of the best pizzas we had ever eaten.

The cost of the pizza, the three large salads and two drinks came to 1520 Rs. which is about $18 AUD. This was probably the dearest meal we had in Nepal. As I’ve said before food is very cheap here.




Large salads Salads at La Pizzeria,Lakeside
View from La Pizzeria back across Lake View towards the lake from the pizza cafe









We slowly wandered back to Sacred Valley Inn stopping to buy some rubber thongs for Jeremy who said his feet were too hot in socks and joggers. Ian bought himself a fossil that looked like a large grey pebble but it split in half to show a neat fossil. I think he was quite pleased with his purchase.


Further wanderings in Pokhara

Jeremy wanted to catch up with emails so he elected to stay at the hotel in the lovely garden area they have out the front. He easily got internet on the lap top so he sat there messaging people and drinking copious cups of jasmine tea. Ian and I set off in the opposite direction to where we had been in the morning. We just ambled along taking photos of interesting people and sites. It was cloudy at that stage so we left our hats back at the hotel. Hats keep the sun off your head but they can also make your head quite hot. It was nice to leave them behind for once.

We were to see lots of these in Nepal and iin Tibet Strange tractor-contraption
Street vendors are common Street vendors plying their wares










We found a freight agency so we popped in to see roughly how much it would cost to send our “China prohibited goodies” back to Australia with TNT. I’ve already got a TNT account for my business so I thought that would have to make things easier to organize freight. We got such bad vibes from the young guy serving us that we ended up walking out of his office with nothing resolved.


Do yoiu know what this building is? Unknown building - please tell us if you know of it

Back to the hotel

Ian and I rejoined Jeremy at the hotel at 5 p.m., we sat outside with him and had a cuppa. There was a slight breeze which was delightful. Later we shifted ourselves upstairs to “our” balcony area and there I wrote up my diary and we emailed photos to family and friends. It was great to have had such a relaxing day. The forecast for tonight is for 13 degrees Celsius and rain/thunderstorms but we will see what happens. We have many little gecko friends living on the ceiling of our outdoors balcony area and at last count just then there were 9.


Monsoon Cafe at Sacred Valley

The hotel’s restaurant is called Monsoon Café and they really do serve wonderful food there.

It&rsq uo;s quite a tiny café/coffee shop but then if you are a hotel guest you can have your food served in any one of several areas. There is a little garden out the back, there is the area at the front of the hotel plus the balcony and also the roof garden. Here is an example of their charges (as at October 2011): Chow Mein – 120 Rs., Sausage Beans and chips – 250 Rs., Egg, Lettuce and Mayo Sandwich – 125 Rs., Nepali Dal Bhat – 180 Rs., Chocolate Brownie and Ice cream – 150 Rs.

The young fellow at Reception who has helped us so much is called Yuba. He deserves a pat on the back for his hospitality and kindness. If we came back to Pokhara I’m sure we would stay here again. The place has a lot going for it – except eternally wet bathroom floors but that seems to be common in Nepal (and Bhutan for that matter!)


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