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Our early start at Norling Guest House

Our alarm rang at 4:30 a.m. but Ian and I had both been awake since 3:45 a.m. We’d had a dreadful night. Jeremy slept a bit better but he is a heavy sleeper – lucky him! We struggled into our clothes and quickly washed our faces to brighten ourselves up a bit.

We crept down our corridor (we could have used some lighting here) and descended the stairs to the foyer. It was slow going at the bottom of the stairs because it was so dark and we didn’t want to lose our footing. Why did this darkness not surprise us? The fellow at Reception remembered we were going on our Everest flight and had ordered our taxi. The taxi sped along the mainly empty streets. It was strangely quiet but we were able to see some folk fossicking around in amongst the rubbish piles. We saw groups of motorbikes gathered in certain areas. Did they belong to couriers who were about to start doing their early morning deliveries? Our taxi driver said he would wait at the airport for us to return from our flight.


Kathmandu airport

We proceeded through the usual security checks at the airport and then we sat and waited and waited. There were lots of ladies dressed in mauve starting to gather. They were cleaners and wore long mauve pants and tunics plus a white scarf. They looked very elegant for cleaners. It was a pretty uniform. We kept spotting more and more of them. Jeremy reckoned they were multiplying every time he looked up. There were some groups of tourists heading off somewhere and they were tucking in to a take-away breakfast done up so neatly in cardboard boxes. We envied them as we would have to wait for our breakfast until we got back to Norling Guest House.


We climb on board for our flight around Mount Everest

My viewof the himalayas was a disaster Jean's obstructed view

Our aeroplane was a Jetstream 41, twin prop turbo. It had one seat on the left of the plane and two seats on the right of the plane. Passengers only used the seats next to the windows. We had the first three seats on the right. Jeremy and Ian had perfect views but I had the delightful view of a large propeller, a red engine housing and a wing. To say I was disappointed was an understatement. It cost us $163 USD for each of our seats. I could see there was no point in my even taking photos from my position. I would think the three seats directly behind me would have had just as awful views.


Best views of the Himalayas

Himalayan views Views over the Himalayas

Heading out from Kathmandu the people on the left side of the plane had mountain views on their side of the plane. Heading back to Kathmandu the views were on the right side of the plane but for the journey back the plane was much closer to the mountains. So if you do this journey make sure your seats are on the right side of the plane as you will be so much closer to the peaks. I don’t know why they use the style of plane we had. Surely they could use planes that had wings above the level of the windows so that everybody would get a good view. unimpeded view. We flew with Yeti Air, so be warned.


Going up front with the pilot

Part way through the journey each one of us in turn was allowed to go up into the cockpit for a few moments and take photos. I’m sure we all wished we could have stayed there forever. The air hostess came around selling books about Mount Everest. They were $20 USD each. Jeremy bought one.


Back to Norling  Guest House

Breakfast was almost denied at Norling Guest House Breakfast at Norling Guest House

Our taxi driver was waiting for us at the airport. Soon we were back at the guest house and hunting down breakfast. We took our seats in the dining room and the waiter brought around the menus. The waiter then announced we would have to pay for breakfast. I knew that wasn’t correct because Birendra had taken pains to tell us not to forget our breakfast was included in the tariff. I complained to the waiter and he marched off to check with someone. Back he came to tell us that we weren’t entitled to breakfast. We would need to pay. Rightee-ho! Time to get up out of my seat and sort out the issue! I marched out to Reception, a person shot out the back to an office and comes back and says we are entitled to breakfast after all! Dear, oh dear, oh dear! What kind of a guest house is this! We ordered poached eggs and got fried eggs but it was edible so that was the important thing. Always problems of one sort or another at this place. Over breakfast we decided we didn’t want to come back to this place upon our return from Bhaktapur in two days time but where else should we go?


Sacred Valley Inn in Kathmandu

Around the back of the Norling Guest House runs a little street that has a couple of hotels in it. Lo and behold we spy the Hotel Holy Himalaya where we were supposed to be booked into in the first place. This looked a very proper establishment. They even had a security man at the gate.

We went inside to see if they could accommodate us for the last two nights we would be in Kathmandu but sadly they were booked. What a pity as it looked a much better class of hotel than Norling Guest House. Across from Hotel Holy Himalaya we discovered Sacred Valley Inn. We had stayed in the Pokhara Sacred Valley Inn and loved it so perhaps we could stay here.

We went into the foyer and were told they had rooms available for us for those two nights. The fellow at Reception showed us two rooms that adjoined each other and they looked fine to us. The bathroom looked respectable which was an added bonus. We said we would take them please. Back at Norling Guest house we quickly emailed Birendra to tell him we would be staying at a different hotel when we returned from Bhaktapur. He had already organized a car to take us from Kathmandu into Tibet so we needed to ensure the car driver knew not to collect us from Norling. We packed up our gear, checked out of the Norling Guest House, hopefully never to return. The place gets a good write-up on the Trip Advisor web site. I’ve no idea why. We were totally disappointed with it.


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