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Amdo Guest House at Old Tingri

At 1:30 p.m. we arrived at Old Tingri. We could instantly see this was a one-street town. Our accommodation was to be at the Amdo Guest House.

We were taken to our room and we were nothing less than horrified! The door to each room opened up straight into the icy, outdoor conditions. We found three single beds and some very thin and ratty looking felt coverings on the floor. The door didn’t shut properly – no doubt it had warped over the years. The only way we could shut the door was to ram my large suitcase up against it to stop it opening and even then it wasn’t shut properly. There were holes in the windows. We were imagining how much icy air was going to come in that night. There was an outside communal toilet which was just a rectangle cut into the concrete floor. You could see through the hole onto the excrement and garbage below. It stank to high heaven. Some delightful soul had never quite made it to the “toilet” and had deposited a poo right in the door way (which had no door). It was bad enough using it in daylight hours. What on earth would it be like having to go to this loo in the dark of night? Diamox makes you wee a lot so we all knew a night time visit was most likely. Tiki told us we should come up to the guest house for lunch.


Amdo Guest House in Old Tingri The rooms from outside
The rickety bedroom door that wouldn't stay shut The bedroom door









Squat toilets located outdoors The revolting squat toilets


Inside the room Interior of room










We meet friendly Americans at lunch

Tiki told us we should come up to the guest house for lunch. The meals area of the guest house fortunately has a yak dung heater in the middle of the room. However it wasn’t putting out much heat. We definitely needed our warm jackets, hats, scarves and gloves on. There was no ventilation in the room so we were a bit cross when a German fellow lit up his cigar. Too bad for anyone else’s comfort! We met some great Americans though. There was the middle-aged fellow and his nephew (pictured on the previous page) who we met time after time from there-on right through into Lhasa. It got to be almost a game to see who could spot “The Americans” everywhere we went. We soon got to recognize their four-wheel-drive car and they were always on the look out for us too. We also met a nice couple who had also been to Bhutan. They were in Bhutan a few days after us and had actually met the King and his new Queen when they married a couple of days after we left the country. How special would that have been? We finished lunch late and had absolutely nothing to do save walk both sides of the one and only street in Old Tingri.

Ian and Jean in the one street in town Ian and Jean
Food was thrown out and the dogs came running The dogs have just been thrown some food









Nomad tents behind the Old Tingri Buildings Nomad tents just off the main road
Rubbish is thrown out becasue there is no collection service Rubbish strewn across the land behind the Amdo G .H.










Not all accommodation is as bad as ours

In such a tiny place it was inevitable we would meet up with “The Americans” again. We stood in the street chatting and they mentioned that despite having lunch at the same place as us, they were actually staying at the Snow Leopard Hotel which we had passed when we drove into town. They said they had a bathroom with a toilet in their room. We told them about our miserable room. After they strolled off we decided we would walk all the way down to the Snow Leopard Hotel to see if they had any vacancies. All this walking at a high altitude made us tired.


Added later:

We've since learned form a Trip Advisor member that there is a reasonable place to stay at New Tingri (also called Baber). It is called the Sunrise Hotel. The email address is: and the phone number is: 13989922770. Apparently the rooms at the front are quite decent and have an en suite.


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