Tashi Restaurant in shigatze

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The Tashi Restaurant in Shigatse

Tiki took us to a great restaurant in the centre of town called Tashi. It is run by a Nepali man and he has a really wide ranging menu. It was quite a treat to eat Western food. Ian chose a chicken cutlet and chips, I chose a hamburger and chips. Ian’s chicken fillet was huge. The meat part of my burger was divine. We thought the idea of Western food might tempt Jeremy into eating something so we ordered a take-away burger and chips for him and as soon as we received it we high-tailed it back to the hotel. Jeremy ate a fair bit of it which was great because he’d not eaten breakfast that morning.


The wide streets of Shigatze Street scene in Shigatze

We have the afternoon to ourselves

Jeremy and I were pooped so we were grateful we had been given a free afternoon. We both relaxed, hoping to re-gain some energy. Ian felt he needed a walk so he set off by himself to wander around the far end of the street. We desperately needed to replenish our supply of tissues so he bought some whilst he was out wandering. He also bought us all some chocolate and soft drinks to cheer us all up. He came back to the hotel quite indignant and told us how so many people here disobey traffic lights. He commented on how tidy the streets were with virtually no litter to be seen. The only litter he saw was being shoveled up by some ladies. He saw more of the ingenious solar cookers that we had noticed in Old Tingri. They are very basic but look to be very effective.


The sun's rays are caught and used toheat pots and pans Solar cookers are seen everywhere in Tibet

We find the internet again

At 6 p.m. we met up with Tiki and Punti in the lobby. They drove us into the main town area to an internet café. It was a large place and absolutely full of young people and cigarette smoke. Ian simply couldn’t handle the smoke so he had to step outside. Jeremy and I each grabbed a computer near the open doorway but even in that location the air was extremely polluted. Both of our computers were slow but Jeremy’s was totally useless. We wanted to send emails home because no-one had heard from us for a few days.  We sent some brief messages and just had to get out of the place.


Tashi Restaurant again for dinner

We enjoyed lunch so much we wanted to go back there again for dinner so Tiki and Punti drove us there. This time the restaurant was quite busy with tourist groups. Ian always loves his soup so he chose chicken and mushroom soup and then the three of us shared two pizzas. Even this amount was too much for us to finish and they were small pizzas – much smaller than a dinner plate. It was just as tasty as the meal we had at lunch time.  We could understand why they bring tourist groups here. The range of food is extensive

Back to the hotel

Back at Qomolongma Friendship Hotel, Tiki gives us our breakfast vouchers for the next morning’s meal. We agree to meet up at 10 a.m. in the foyer.

I think the affects of the Diamox were starting to wear off for me. I was feeling so much better. Twenty-four hours ago I was dry retching! The men are now both constipated. How can they be the opposite to me when we eat almost the same things?



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