Packing for our train holiday on the Ghan.

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Don't bring too much luggage on the Ghan

It's now Saturday April 4th and we leave tomorrow.

Masses of brochures to peruse These brochures are just for Darwin!

We've had a change of heart and decided to go with one suitcase between us plus two little bubby rucksacks. We were going to take our big rucksacks as practice for the Trans Siberian but we believe they will be way to big for the limited amount of gear we will need for this short trip. Plus, Great Southern Rail are dead set against having too much big luggage in each compartment. Due to safety issues they want minimal gear in the compartments and any big stuff needs to go in the separate luggage carriage which is then untouchable until the journey is over. There are sound reasons for this: limited room in the compartments plus their staff have to handle the baggage and anything over 20 kgs. is a bit of an occupational safety issue. Fair enough too!


Packing our gear for the Ghan

Today we've spent a lot of time getting the contents of large shampoo and conditioner bottles etc into small containers to minimise weight and room. Packets of fancy nuts and lollies are shoved inside joggers. Some precious shortbread biscuits are packed too so I hope the airline staff don't throw our suitcase around too much. And of course - prunes! I'm not going anywhere without them. There will be a lot of sitting around on this holiday and lack of exercise does bad things to me.


Our suitcase is not large and it weighs only 14 kgs. so hopefully it will suit our purposes well. There shouldn't be any issues with the airline either seeing it is under 20 kgs.

Bed early tonight. We'll be up at around 3:30 am. It will take a good couple of hours to get to Perth airport. The plane leaves at 8:20 am and they want us there an hour beforehand.

I'll be back to report more in just over a week when we get home.


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