Playing The Tourist In Darwin, Part 2

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Backpackers in Darwin

Point to mention: Walking around Darwin we couldn't help but notice how many backpacker style places existed. The signs out the front indicated they offered air-conditioned accommodation. I went into several of them enquiring about prices. Twin/double accommodation would have cost Ian and I about $70 per night. That was for the two of us - not just one person. Many of them were in very central locations and some had swimming pools too. Definitely worth considering next time we come to Darwin


Relief from the tropical heat

When we got back to our hotel room it was early afternoon. We'd been tromping around in the heat and humidity for hours and were both dripping with sweat. A lovely shower was had by both of us. We rested up with cups of tea (of course) and nibbled on chocolate (we deserved it) and generally veged out for two hours.


At Aquascene yoiu can hand feed the fish. It's fabulous fun Ian feeding the fish at Aquascene

Aquascene Darwin

Previously, when we were out and about, we had asked what time high tide was. We wanted to go to Aquascene and feed the fish. I should correct myself here - I wanted to go to Aquascene but Ian believed it would be a bit lame and wasn't all that interested in going. Devoted husband that he is, he went with me anyway. It was raining lightly when we set off at about 3.30 p.m.. We knew we would get our feet wet at Aquascene so we had packed rubber thongs (flip-flops) in our luggage before we left Bunbury.

You are given bread to feed the fish Bread is supplied - see the crust floating
Several typs of fish come in to feed There are several types of fish








Aquascene was very close to our hotel and is situated in Doctors Gully Road. It cost us $11 to go in but was probably the best value for $11 that we have received. Once in there we couldn't stop taking photos. This attraction is located on the shore and the fish come in from the ocean. They haven't captured them to make them stay there.

The children's expressions were priceless when they saw the fish Children absolutely love the place

We had never seen so many fish in such a relatively small area. All were fighting for the bread each person was permitted to feed them. We were able to walk into the water with them and hand-feed them. We were encouraged to touch them but not to try to lift them out of the water. Even Ian was bowled over with this attraction. The lady who operated the feeding sessions (I think her name was Annie) was very friendly and informative. Now we know why Aquascene is voted as Darwin's top tourist attraction. Both of us would go there again any day.

Facilities for those who enjoy rock climbing Rock climbing tank in Darwin


Indoor rock climbing

We slowly wandered back to the hotel, passing a concrete tank that had been converted into an indoor rock climbing business. All the way home we couldn't stop talking about our fish-feeding experience.

Earlier in the day, whilst walking through the CBD we had discovered a Hogs Breath cafe. We used to have one of those in Bunbury but it closed a few years back. We couldn't resist the temptation so, back at the hotel, we cleaned ourselves up and we headed there for dinner. Eating out doors appealed as it was a balmy night.


Eating Outdoors in Darwin

At Hog's Breath Ian enjoyed a tasty steak meal Ian enjoying his steak dinner

Ian chose steak with hickory sauce and I had crumbed mushrooms, avocado, potatoes and salad with a lovely dressing.

At hog's Breath Jean enjoyed crumbed mushrooms and avocadoCrumbed mushrooms and avocado for Jean

We ate outdoors wanting to enjoy the mild night air but were horrified to find that smoking is still permitted in the Northern Territory in outdoor eating areas.

We soon realized the tables right beside us both had smokers on them. It spoiled the meal. We could have asked to be moved back inside the restaurant but we didn't want to cause a fuss plus it was quite crowded inside anyway.

The meals themselves were totally delicious but just be wary and sit inside restaurants in Darwin if you hate smoking. There are so many eating areas outdoors in Darwin too.


Noisy lorikeets

We forgot to mention that last night (and again tonight) we encountered an horrendous noise in a tree in Mitchell St, right outside McDonalds.

The noise was on again tonight but nowhere near as loud as last night. A bit of enquiring and we discovered the noise came from Rainbow Lorikeet birds who were flying in and out of the tree. Apparently this cacophony is a regular feature in this particular tree each evening. Several restaurants are in the area close to the tree and one staff member said that sometimes, even with the doors closed, the noise is so loud they can't hear what customers are trying to order.

Whilst here we've noticed that lots more people smoke in Darwin than elsewhere in Australia. Being non-smokers this really riles us. Another strange thing - when crossing at traffic light intersections we find that cars turning left can still proceed even when the pedestrian walk sign is green. Very odd!



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