The Ghan Stops In Katherine For Sightseeing

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Sightseeing in Katherine

Prior to having lunch on the train we had to select which tour we wanted to do in Katherine because the train stops there for a few hours. There was masses to choose from - something to suit all tastes:

Cruises up through the gorges
Helicopter ride over the gorges
A guided coach tour of the area
Looking around the township itself by bus

We chose a tour of just one gorge which included a classy afternoon tea whilst on board. We easily found the correct bus from several that were waiting at the station.

The boat is waiting for us The boat was waiting for us



The bus driver was very knowledgeable regarding the area we were driving through. We soon arrived at the area where the boat was leaving from. A ramp lead onto the boat and the bottom of the boat was flat

A ramp leading on to the boat Ramp leads onto the boat



The tables were laid with lovely white tablecloths, a large jug of cold orange juice plus plates, cutlery and serviettes.

Views in the Katherine Gorge We kept clicking our cameras





Our guide was an Aborigine who really new his business. He had an assistant with him too. He told us so much about the age of the rocks, the plants that inhabit the area and the local animal life. He was the perfect person for his job.

Part way along our journey each table was supplied with a large platter of cold meats, salads and cheeses. It was absolutely divine.

aboriginal art is on many of the rocks Many of the rocks had aboriginal art on them


At the end of the gorge we all got off the boat and wandered up over a few rocks and some patches of sand. We were shown Aboriginal art. The tour guide told us what the images represented .It was impossible to stop clicking away at it all.

Stunning views from the boat Stunning scenery from the boat





Reluctantly we climbed back on board and headed back to land to moor the boat. We were all continuing to take photographs. It was impossible not to in such a pristine and stunning area. Refreshing face cloths were supplied.

Back on land we gathered in the shade of salmon gum trees to await our bus. There were clean toilets available for those who needed them. I flushed the loo and a frog leapt from the bowl.

Back to the Katherine railway station

In no time at all the bus had us back to the Katherine railway station and we climbed back on board The Ghan. The temperature had been quite warm in Katherine but the humidity was not as high as it was in Darwin. Soon we gravitated to the lounge car along with other passengers all exchanging highlights of our tours.



Meals and Drinks on The Ghan

At 6.30 p.m., in the lounge area, we were all officially welcomed aboard the train. There had been no time for such pleasantries earlier in the day. Everyone was treated to a complimentary glass of wine.

The lunge car on The Ghan Lounge car on The Ghan

Dinner soon followed. There was a choice of two entrees, four main courses and then either dessert or a cheese platter. All were very well presented and, of course, delicious.

For dinner we chose kangaroo fillet and scalloped potato cake Kangaroo fillet and scalloped potato cake






When we got back to our cabins after dinner we found our beds had been made up for us. Then it was time to try out the dreaded shower. It actually wasn't too bad at all. There was masses of hot water and, although it was a relatively small area, we both agreed it was a better shower than we anticipated. It was heavenly to wash off all the accumulated sweat, salt and sunscreen.

Ian in bed on The Ghan Ian in the top bunk on The Ghan

Sleeping on the Ghan: our bunks

Being the gentleman he is, Ian said he would sleep in the top bunk.

The ladder up to the top bed is quite narrow. It's vertical and the steps slope back down toward you. Ian managed the climb but we wondered how some of the older and less capacitated people would manage it. Earlier, in the lounge we had met a visually impaired couple who told us they had very little vision at all. How would they be coping. We had seen folk with walking sticks. How did they deal with the ladder?



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