Our Time On The Ghan Is Coming To An End

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Scenery as we leave Alice Springs Scenery as we leave Alice Springs

Great Southern Rail's Professionalism continues....

Our tour of Alice Springs was brilliant - we couldn't have asked for anything more interesting. We are finding that everything Great Southern Rail organizes is done so very professionally.


Lunch time on The Ghan

Back on The Ghan train it is now time for lunch. We sit with Alan for lunch. He is a really nice fellow who lost his wife late last year. We have sat with him before for meals and had some interesting conversations.

For the rest of the afternoon we relaxed in our cabin appreciating the views of the countryside and taking occasional photos. Ian got out his train information and maps and studied them. I dragged out our Russian language lessons and tried to memorize a few more words. Thank heavens we don't go to Russia for another 12 months yet. After dozing off a few times it suddenly seemed to be dinner time.


soup served for dinner The soup was divine

Before we know it we need to head off for dinner

For dinner I chose Creamy Pumpkin Soup infused with Ginger, Cinnamon and Coconut finished with Coriander Fromage Blanc and Cumin toast.

For main course I had High Country Pork Cutlet, served with Pommes Rosti, Apple Chutney and a Red Wine and Rosemary Juice. A bowl of steamed vegetables was served with the main dish.

Outback cheese platter on The Ghan Cheese platter


For dessert I opted for The Outback Cheese Platter served with Lavash and Glazed Fig.

Although the meals aren't large, we feel we haven't stopped eating since climbing aboard The Ghan. To walk down our dinner, Ian and I decided to walk the length of the train. We wanted to check out the Red Service in particular so this was a good opportunity.


Red Service on the Ghan

The first thing we discovered was the Red Class Sleeper carriages have a passageway that snakes along the centre of the carriage. This came as quite a surprise. These carriages seemed newer than ours. There are cabins on each side of the snakey walkway. The cabins are tiny but seem quite nice. The top bunks seem to be up higher than the top bunks are in our cabins in Gold Service. Red Service have a shared shower at both ends of the carriage.


Red Service carriages for those staying in seats The Red Class (non-sleeper) carriage
The Red Service dining car The Red Class dining car









Red class servery The servery area in Red Class

Red Service food on The Ghan

The prices in the Red Service kitchen looked quite reasonable to us. We walked on through several more Gold Service sleeping carriages and then came across the other Gold Service dining car and lounge. The lounge carriage was very nice but the dining car wasn't anywhere near as special as the one we had up our end of the train. We liked what we had better and again we counted our blessings. (Apologies for the blurry picture of the servery)

We turn around and head all the way back to our carriage. Unfortunately we don't feel any less full.

Back in our cabin we decide to "fix" Ian's bed. We've rolled up the extra blankets lengthwise and inserted them under the mattress along the wall side. Now the bed looks level. Had our showers with oodles of hot water. Hopefully we'll both sleep better tonight. ..........it ended up with Ian having a near perfect sleep that night. I slept pretty poorly though but then I'm not a great sleeper anyway. Sunrises in this part of the world are simply stunning. Our lovely train holiday is coming to an end too fast. We just want to keep on looking out of the window. We're not ready to get off yet.

Breakfast as always is a delight. I chose the Fruit Compote (I needed the prunes) followed by Pancakes and Maple Syrup. Although they are called pancakes they are more like a large Aussie pikelet. Ian had Weetbix and a cooked breakfast. Whilst having breakfast we went through the outskirts of Port Augusta. Later, when we sauntered back to our cabin, the beds had been packed away and a little surprise awaited us. The Ghan staff had remembered it was Easter and we found a handful of tiny Easter Eggs tucked away for us. Easter Bunny even finds those of us travelling on trains. What a lovely thoughtful touch.


View of The Ghan on a tight bend The Ghan on a tight bend in the track

Views from The Ghan

At 9.15 we passed through Crystal Brook. We were blown away by all the old houses that look to be in such good condition. In Bunbury, where we come from, most of our heritage has been bulldozed so seeing lots of these lovely homes excited us.

The landscape seemed to change so quickly.


We're getting closer to Adelaide

Landscape closer to Adelaide Scenery closer to Adelaide
The ugly green-houses coming in to Adelaide The unsightly green-houses of Adelaide








Late morning we were invited back to the dining car for morning tea. I think we managed to eat one morsel each. We've been fed too well.


Green-houses of Adelaide

Coming in to Adelaide we saw an incredible variety of greenhouses. Some were new but most were in some stage of decay and collapse. They were such a dreadful sight. The decrepit green-houses seemed to go on for ever. Some of the older ones were still being used as we saw heaps of rotting fruit and vegetables between the green-houses and the railway track. We saw huge mounds of tomatoes and zucchinis, just to name a few. All presumably unwanted and left to rot. We think some of the Adelaide tourism echelon need to take a look at the railway entrance ride into their beautiful city. I'll bet they don't know it looks as bad as this.

We arrived as Adelaide's Keswick station around 1 p.m. Sadly our journey on The Ghan has ended.


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