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Ample Tours impress us

Virtually straight away Akila from Ample Tours responded to our enquiry. Lots of emails have gone back and forth between Akila and myself as we work out a program that will suit us. Generally the tour companies organize accommodation for their customers but we wanted to do this ourselves because we didn't want to stay in the more expensive hotels that most travellers use. Ample Tours were more than happy for us to do this. They are even going to book the train rides that we want to do too so that will make life so much easier for us.


Map of Sri Lanka showing our routeOur route around Sri Lanka

Our travel route in Sri Lanka

We fly out of Perth using Singapore Airlines with a short stop to switch planes in Singapore en route

We don't fly in to Colombo until midnight so we'll be really tired by the time we get there, especially allowing for the time difference when travelling westwards from Australia. So, first up we are spending a few days in Colombo to get our act together after our flight.

We are then setting off from Colombo by train, heading north to Jaffna. The train ride will take 8 to 10 hours judging from what other folk have told us. We then have a few days in Jaffna.

Next up is a train ride from Jaffna to Anuradhapura which will mean we will be travelling over previous ground but there is no other option.

We have one night in Anuradhapura and then get picked up by our driver from Ample Tours who will ferry us around by car to Dambulla (3 night stay), Kandy (2 nights stay), Nuwara Eliya (1 night) and then Ella (2 nights). From Ella our driver will take us to Galle where we say goodbye to him and have to fend for ourselves again.

We have booked 3 nights accommodation in Galle and then we travel back to Colombo by train.

2 days later we fly out of Colombo and head home to Western Australia. We leave Colombo at the ungodly hour of 01:10, switching planes again in Singapore and arriving in Perth mid afternoon.




Guest houses are for us

We don't want or need to stay in fancy hotels. We would rather stay with a family so we can learn more about the culture. This is what we have aimed for in our plans. I've done quite a bit of research on Trip Advisor and we selected only guest houses that have a 4.5* rating or above.



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