From Incheon, South Korea To Vladivostok, Russia

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Wandering Around Incheon

We wandered around the area close to the hotel and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves for a couple of hours.


Lotte Mart was fabulous

We found a large supermarket called Lotte Mart. There were masses of counters where assistants offered tasty samples of food. We, of course, had to sample virtually everything. There were twice as many assistants in that shop as there were customers. We bought some yummy bread rolls, one was sweet potato bread and the other was garlic flavoured. We also bought four bananas and some Snickers. Their prices seemed quite reasonable compared to Aussie prices.



Typical Incheon street scene Typical Incheon Street scene
Mushrooms sold in the Lotte Mart shop Huge variety of mushrooms sold at Lotte Mart










We had dinner at a chicken restaurant. It all looked lovely until we tasted it. We chose deep fried chicken pieces. These were beautifully cooked but way too spicy for us. Neither of us is much rapt in chilli at the best of times so we really struggled to eat it. Needless to say it didn't get finished.


Hotel Queen

Hotel Queen main entrance The hotel Queen in Incheon
Queen siz beds at the hotel Two Queen size beds greeted us








Rucksack with the wrap still intact One of our rucksacks with the plastic wrap still intact
Fancy toilet at the hotel The fancy toilet that we were too tired to fully check out












Back at the hotel we aimed for an early night. We requested a wake-up call at 5:30 a.m. A courtesy bus will be taking us back to the airport leaving here at 6:20 a.m.

Ended up with us having a dreadful night's sleep. The air conditioner was set at 26 degrees and would not go any lower. We opened the windows to get some cool night air into the room. Unfortunately we got more than just cool air wafting in. We suffered street noise that never seemed to stop. It was too warm to sleep with the doona on and yet too cool to sleep with just the sheet. To add to our misery the two beds were as hard as nails. We both had extremely fitful sleeps plus Ian woke with a headache. We ate our left over rolls and our bananas for breakfast. The transit bus then took us back to the airport. The driver drove extremely fast. At one stage we were going at 140 kph in an 80 kph zone.

Korean Air flight To Vladivostok

This next flight was quite bumpy at times. The food was better than that we had on the Cathay Pacific segments though. The flight took just over two hours.

Ian witnessed a very funny incident whilst waiting to go to the loo on the plane. Here is the story: A Russian lady in her sixties had come out of the toilet and there were other people waiting to go in who she no doubt saw. She was determined to stand in front of the toilet doorway and she wanted a drink of water from the air hostess. She got her water and at that point the flight became turbulent, the plane lurched and she went backwards into the concertina toilet doors which sprung open and she continued on backwards into the toilet area. Her arms went up in shock and, in doing so, she spilled the water down the hostesses back. The hostess was not amused and had to get another hostess to dry-off her back.

As we approached Vladivostok airport we expected to see buildings and industry but all we saw were hills and trees.


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